30 irrational things I do when I get PMS

Here is a list of irrational things I do when I get PMS. I get very bad premenstrual syndrome. I get this every single month. I feel that this has been getting worse as I get older and at age 34 I find myself quite irrational and hyper-sensitive for about one and a half weeks every month. If you are one of my male readers – I urge you to push on with this post. Come on, man up! It’s just a little blood, right? Shouldn’t scare you if you’re a big, strong dude.

There are lots of resources that point to the idea that periods do get worse as you age. This seems to be because of changes in hormones. Great, so I am not going crazy. For your amusement, here is a list of crazy stuff I do when I am experiencing PMS.

  1. I like to be squeezed, even harder than usual.
  2. I get very impatient, even more than usual.
  3. I like to eat a lot of bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.
  4. I will eat Nutella with a spoon from the jar.
  5. I will cry at TV commercials.
  6. I will start to get mad about stuff that happened ages ago.
  7. My back really, really hurts.
  8. I wear my stretchier jeans because I’m too impatient to pit on my tight ones.
  9. I get extra hungry and eat nearly twice as much as usual for about a day and a half.
  10. I crave salty things like miso soup.
  11. I crave spinachy things and dark green vegetables.
  12. I think about eating a steak but I never do.
  13. I get tired and worn out. I need extra rest.
  14. My fingers swell a bit.
  15. I wear bright colours to cheer me up.
  16. My hair looks tired.
  17. I crave sex, even more than usual (in a committed, loving relationship, that is!)
  18. My boobs swell and get bigger.
  19. I get very grumpy for next to no reason. Life begins to annoy me. Did I just drop my pen? GRRRRRRRR!
  20. My skin looks a bit different. I never get pimples but a few little ones appear now.
  21. I want to lie down. Right now.
  22. I decide I want new clothes but get really annoyed when trying them on.
  23. I might yell at someone (not about clothes!)
  24. I get more annoyed at work. I wonder why there are no napping pods
  25. I get more hungry in the morning, less hungry at night.
  26. I want a cheeseburger.
  27. I want cuddles now. Right now. Oh I feel so sorry for myself.
  28. I get very thirsty. I like watery juice the best.
  29. I imagine what it would be like to be a man. I would like to have a penis for one day.
  30. Then I remember why I prefer being a woman.

Anything I’ve missed here? How does PMS effect you? Men (if you’ve made it this far!) can you share your experiences too?


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