I Am Very Naughty and I Like to Break the Rules

I have always been very naughty. I like to get into mischief. This has always been a bit of a problem for me. I have an inquisitive mind and I like to break the rules just to see what will happen. Sometimes I wonder why everyone blindly follows the rules without ever questioning anything. I think it’s important to disrupt the status quo sometimes.

Needless to say, this has made for a very interesting life. The first time I really remember being naughty was at my first school. I must have been very young, maybe only 5 years old. A young and pretty teacher had spent much of the lunch hour talking to me and giving me special attention. I could tell even from that young age that this meant she thought I was smart and interesting for my age. That gave me a lot of pride. I was so happy to be getting special attention from this teacher. I liked talking to her a lot and telling her my stories.

At the end of the lunch hour I was playing with two other little girls. There was a very tall wall that lead to an adjoining playground which we were not supposed to go near. Seeing this wall and wondering what was on the other side, I got my two little playmates to hoist me up so that I could escape to the other side. I was curious and I remember wondering why all the other little kids didn’t do exactly the same thing. Of course, we had been told not to go near the wall. In my mischievous mind this translated to, “You must go over the wall to see for yourself.”

I didn’t get far. The two other little girls left me hanging there, legs swinging where the pretty teacher found me. She scolded me and sent me to the naughty corner where I was put on display to the rest of the class as the bad girl who had broken the rules. This was the 80s and public shaming of kids was still the go when it came to school discipline. No wonder so many of us are obese and depressed now. The fact that I had been scolded by someone I thought I had connected with and made me proud made my shame even worse.

To this day, I often see people blindly following. These days we are very oppressed in our thinking and if you dare try to question the ethics and morals of such massive social questions as euthanasia, IVF, abortion, adoption, gay marriage and organised religion, we are called bigots, radicals, conservatives, uneducated, uniformed and naive. Worse than that, opinions differing from the norm are drowned out by those who have not bothered to do their own research.

I have some pretty freaky opinions on things that I cannot share with people at this stage. My opinions on things are shifting every day. What I once deplored, I now celebrate. What I once thought was OK, I now question. I am not afraid to break the rules, I am not afraid to question entrenched ideals.

I am not a politician, so I can make no changes to policy. I cannot take away your rights or impinge upon your freedom. However, if asked my opinion, I hope that one day I can be brave enough to share my thoughts on important issues, without fearing that my playmates will run off and leave me dangling on the wall. Essentially, I am dangling on my own, no matter what. We are no longer allowed to be philosophers. We are no longer allowed to discuss and debate anything more meaningful than plastic surgery and addictions. We are selfish and self-serving. We care only for our generation.

  1. chetan
    October 17, 2014

    please can you send me more pics of yours. i m loving it

    1. October 17, 2014

      Hi Chetan-

      Ha ha! Thanks for your email. You can check out my pictures on my site on the photos tab http://alycevayleauthor.com/photos-of-alyce/

      Thanks for your comment!


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