How to receive spiritual messages in your dreams

I have heard that we get spiritual messages in our dreams. Through my own personal experience, I have discovered that this is true. Many people dismiss dreams as gobbledegook, just a mess of subconscious chatter that is not valuable to our waking lives. Sometimes this is true, but there are occasions when we are given spiritual messages and teachings from our guardians, guides and other spiritual beings.

The dream world, or the astral plane, is a real place. I have many spiritual teachers and not all of them think that it is worthwhile concentrating on the astral. However – there is one thing that none of us deny – we all sleep and we all dream, even those who claim they don’t.

I know one other thing for sure: I am not my physical body – there is more to me than that. By taking time to explore the parts of me that exist outside these arms, legs, torso – I gain invaluable insights as to the truth of my being. When I dream, my body no longer has the same restrictions that it does here on earth – I can fly, breathe underwater and do all sorts of things that I cannot do on this physical plane.

I have also heard that we are taught lessons in the astral. I remember a lady telling me that she had had the most awful dream about her eight year old son. In the dream, she was yelling at him, shouting at him and berating him – telling him to be quiet, behave, sit down. In her dream she was really agitated and her son was crying. She woke up and felt raw and emotional.

In our dreams, scenarios play out to teach us lessons. Have you ever been mad at someone in real life, but in your dreams – your emotions are ten times as strong. You may be screaming at someone you are only marginally annoyed with in real life. These dreams might serve as a ‘warning’, telling you that you need to work on your emotions and keep them in check.

Our dreams can show us where we are still weak – the sober person returns to drink in their dreams, the reformed criminal commits crime, the person who swears monogamy to their partner might dream of having affairs. Dreams give us teachings about ourselves and for many of us, this is a small taste of the divine.

As I always say – please don’t believe me – please question everything you have read here and investigate for yourself. Everything I have learned – I was taught by someone else – but to really believe it – I had to discover the lessons for myself. Wanting to know more about your true self is the first step.

If you would like to learn more about the astral plane – I suggest you read about it. Please read these sources critically – as I do not think that all the information in them is all correct – decide for yourself.

  1. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Astral Plane, by C. W. Leadbeater – this is a free download
  2. The Astral Codex by Belsebuub: Out-of-Body Experiences & Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Knowledge – a free eBook
  3. The Life of Madame Blavatsky – read this Wikipedia page.
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