One Very Easy (and Weird) Thing I am Doing this Week to Lose Weight

I have made a very odd weight-loss resolution today.

I have recently gained weight. If you have been following my blog you’ll know that it’s quite a minor problem. I’ve only gained 5 pounds, or about 2.2 kilos. It’s the sort of weight gain that makes me feel very depressed. I want them gone- dammit! The worst part is that the extra kilos have been hanging around for quite a while now, and as soon as I seem to shake them – they seem to come back!

I want to be 60 kilos. That’s 132 pounds or 9 ½ stone. Right now I am 67 kilos or 148 pounds, 10 ½ stone.

I know that there are a few reasons that I have gained weight.
1. I have started a new office job
2. I am stressed out from fighting with my partner
3. I have been drinking too much wine in the evenings
4. I have lost some of my self-esteem
5. I am not running as much as I was previously

In the past I have been a bad yo-yo dieter. Once I lost 14 kilos (31 pounds) in 70 days by starving myself, excessive fasting and occasional binges. I gained the weight back even more rapidly than I lost it. My body was in shock and it acted like it.

Since going vegan, I have tried to be much kinder to my body. I try to appreciate it more and be gentle. I tell myself that I am not a number, and once I reach 60kg on the scales it will be no guarantee of happiness.

But I have discovered one thing that makes me feel like I am already on the way to my goals.

I have found that if I dress nicely and look after my appearance, it instantly makes me feel better.

Therefore I have decided to do just one thing to help me along in my latest attempt at weight loss.


I have decided to wear heels more often, even to work where I normally wear flats.

“Wearing high heel shoes is helpful for decreasing weights. Some data shows if you putting on high heel shoes for a few hours, fat in all your parts will burn up faster than usual.” This rather lame information is from a press release from a somewhat dodgy footwear company.

Wearing heels makes me
1. Walk taller
2. Feel sexy
3. Feel very feminine
4. Look a few pounds thinner
5. Walk with a sexy strut

But it’s not just me! There’s a company now making something called the Antelope shoe. “The Antelope shoes, featuring a concave sole and a unique spring action in its heels, will, supposedly, help the wearer lose weight in less than four weeks.

antelope shoe

According to the manufacturers of the shoes, “the design causes the foot to rock back and forth as the weight of the body shifts in motion – like when walking on …an unstable surface such as sand. As a result, muscles in the legs, hips, buttocks and abdomen are forced to work harder to maintain balance, burning more calories in the process.”

I won’t be bothering with Antelope shoes, but I will be wearing heels for the rest of this week in an attempt to make myself feel great and look fabulous. It’s not about burning more calories for me.

It’s about feeling sexier.

  1. February 11, 2013

    I’m very interested to see if this works even a tiny bit. I may start doing this if it does lol.

  2. Love it! I know that if I can’t make being fit and losing weight fun, I will never get the motivation to do anything healthy. I always run with my dog around the city or in the hills when I can. Anything is better than running around in circles on a track or sitting on a stationary bicycle all day.

    Likewise, simply dieting or starving yourself isn’t going to last if you
    want to lose weight quickly. If you really want to
    start losing weight you need to go out and find food that is healthy but also tastes good so that you will associate eating healthy
    with something that also tastes great.

    Thanks again for writing this article. There’s not a lot of good information about being healthy. This helped a lot!

    1. February 21, 2013

      Thanks for this! It was a strage way to try to lose weight but it was really a post on feeling positive and beautiful. Looking good makes me want to look after myself! Sounds like your dog keeps you healthy!

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