5 reasons you’re not losing weight & have hit a diet plateau

So, you’re not losing weight and you’ve hit the dreaded diet plateau? There comes a time in everybody’s life when they look down at their jelly belly, thunder thighs or lack of box gap when they say to themselves, “Ya know, I really gotta shed some pounds.” For me, that time is now. I am […]

Delay Your Meal by Just 20 Minutes to Lose Weight and Avoid Overeating

A phrase a mentor of mine taught me was ‘delayed gratification’. This is when we choose not to indulge in an activity right away – giving ourselves the chance to want and expect that activity even more. It helps us to build up our willpower. Often I have immense willpower – there are times when […]

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus | Getting fit

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus

Here is my FitBit Tracker Review: Have you ever been able to lose weight fairly easily? There are some times in life when the weight seems to drop off quickly, often without effort. But sometimes, it feels as if we are doing all the right things and the scales simply won’t budge – or even […]