Healthy foods making you fat healthy meal

Healthy foods making you fat | Why overweight people should avoid “healthy” foods

Firstly, I would like to point you in the direction of a really nice Instagram account, @foodfixup. The “avocado & toast” image that you’ll find in the middle of this post belongs to them, and when I came across it, I was instantly attracted to the beautiful colours and fresh, healthy ingredients. In fact, if […]

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus | Getting fit

FitBit Tracker Review | Metabolism Woes & Plateaus

Here is my FitBit Tracker Review: Have you ever been able to lose weight fairly easily? There are some times in life when the weight seems to drop off quickly, often without effort. But sometimes, it feels as if we are doing all the right things and the scales simply won’t budge – or even […]

Calories vs. Kilojoules: Why the Kilojoule is an Ineffective Measure if You Want to Stay Thin

Metric and imperial – will the war ever end? As a child, I spent two years in the American school system, learning about inches, quarts, pounds and dimes. Then it was back to the Australian school system for me where I learnt about centimetres, millilitres, kilograms and ten cent pieces. To make things even more […]