lost your confidence

What to do when you’ve lost your confidence

It happens to us all sometimes. A knock or two to our personal selves can feel like a permanent state of despair. It could be a job loss, relationship troubles or feeling isolated that can shatter your confidence. When we lose our strength, we feel terrible and hopeless. To have lost your confidence is a terrible […]

5 ways to cope when things are crappy

Constant, crushing, paralysing pain. This time last year I was in a really bad state of affairs. I had been made redundant from a job I loved, my relationship was seriously on the rocks, I was working in a (new) menial job that was beneath me and very hard work, my rent was a huge […]

I Look Like a Bimbo – But I’m OK with That

I look dumb. It’s OK – I know this. I have looked a little thick my whole life. Frequently I have been told things such as, “You’re a lot smarter than you look,” or, “Oh, you’re actually quite intelligent,” or, “You’re actually a very clever girl,” usually said with a smirk, raised eyebrow and higher-octave […]

The Power of Saying Yes, and Why I’m a Slow Learner

I have a friend (who I love dearly) who is very contrary. I’ll call her Mary. We have been friends since we were in our teens, and I love and respect my friend. But she drives me crazy because she is always contrary. She always says ‘NO’. She doesn’t realise that she is doing this; […]

You’re Unattractive, Bad at Sports and Lazy. What Labels are You Tagging Yourself With?

I was describing the process of blogging and social media to my mother and she said to me, “Well, I’m glad you have worked all that out because you used to be terrible with computers.” It got me thinking. How many tags I attach to myself based on incorrect labels that others have given me. […]

How to Map Out the Best Year of Your Life in 7 Steps

Welcome to 2013! A New Year is a great opportunity to revisit your goals: you’ve got 12 months to make this the best year of your life. But where do you start? How can you make sure that you will look back on 2013 with satisfaction? 1.      Work Out Who You Want to Be in […]

Get Over a Personal Roadblock: Where to Find Your Life Purpose.

So – You’ve Reached a Road-Block. Maybe you’ve lost or quit your job, perhaps your relationship has gone belly-up, or your life has changed now that you’ve got a couple of kids and a mortgage. What if you just feel that something is missing – really missing? How do you find your life’s purpose? What’s […]