What to do when your child is scared of water

If your child has a fear of water, it can be very difficult as a parent. You want them to overcome this fear. After all, swimming is an important skill to have, and it is important to get your child active as soon as possible. Plus, swimming provides a great social experience for children too. However, you hate seeing your child feel scared and worried. So, what can you do? Read on to discover some top tips on helping your child overcome their fear of the water.

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Use floating products – There are many different types of floating products that are available to help children feel more comfortable while they are in water. This includes the likes of water wings, kickboards, and inner tubes. These products will give your child a gentler introduction into the water.

Getting their face wet – For a lot of children, the thing they fear the most is getting their face wet. So, once you overcome this, you then have the perfect platform to get your child into the water. Think of something fun that involves getting your child’s face wet. For example, you could give them a pair of goggles and get them to blow some bubbles into a bowl. Of course, you will need to do it first so that they can see that it is totally fine and a lot of fun.

Water play – The most important thing when it comes to helping your child overcome any type of fear is to make it fun. After all, all children want to do is have fun! Introducing your child to some gentle water play is the best way to go. Once your child feels safe and fun in other situations with water, they will feel more comfortable in larger bodies of water. A good place to start is with water pistols.

Consider enrolling your child into a swim school – The final thing you need to do is choose a swim school for your child. You may want to make sure you carry out the steps mentioned above, and give yourself a little bit of time before choosing a swim school. Nevertheless, you will be able to find a learn to swim program with a teacher who is sensitive to your child’s fear. After all, they have probably helped many children in the same position before. Once your child sees other kids in the water having fun, they may be more inclined to join in themselves.

Children and water can be a great fit – when you prepare them!

If you follow the steps that have been mentioned above, you can help your child to overcome their fear of water. It is important to do this. After all, the longer you leave it, the worse their fear may become. Not only this, but swimming is a vital skill that everyone should learn.

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