Hello Kitty bathroom décor & Japanese bathroom accessories | Japanese bath

Hello Kitty bathroom décor & Japanese bathroom accessories

Do you love Japanese bathroom accessories? If you do, why would you want to go so far as building a Hello Kitty bathroom? Well, there are plenty of reasons, actually!

I am very old now. Even older than thirty years, old, if you can believe it. Do your math and you will probably work out that I was a kid in the 80s, and happy we all were too.

When I was a kid, I really wanted a Hello Kitty bathroom set. I did in fact almost get my dream, I got a single sponge shaped like Hello Kitty and it was my most treasured possession. But who or what is Hello Kitty?

What or who is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty bathroom décor & Japanese bathroom accessories | Hello Kitty Bathroom

Well, she’s a fictional character from Japan and although she looks like a cat, she is supposedly a little girl, a revelation that sent the internet into meltdown in 2012. I know, I was there. Hello Kitty was the brainchild of the animation house Sanrio and was created first by Yuko Shimizu. “She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat-inspired character with a red bow,” but there are claims she is in fact a British schoolgirl.

Confused? Yeh me too. That’s Japan for ya.

Why would you want a Hello Kitty bathroom?

Imagine having a room in your house devoted to her! There are plenty of places you can buy Hello Kitty bathroom decor and Hello Kitty bathroom accessories. I would suggest starting with eBay but as a long time user of their website I am no longer happy with their offerings, read Why I Think eBay Has Gone Bad. However, if you want Hello Kitty bathroom mirrors, towels or cabinets, that is probably a good place to start.

Who else has a Hello Kitty bathroom?

Mariah Carey for a start. A few years ago I blogged about Why Mariah Carey’s Hello Kitty Room is the Most Disgraceful Thing I Have Ever Seen and I got quite a few angry comments about it. To break the article down for you – I said that anyone who fills a whole room full of useless crap must be trying to fulfil an undiscovered part of themselves.

I remember a great episode of Dr. Phil where a lady on the show was floundering in debt, yet she couldn’t stop buying her dog “little gifts” such as sparkly collars, play toys and snazzy water bowls. She told Dr. Phil that her dog “required” these new toys every day, or the dog would be “miserable”.

Dr. Phil pointed out that all the dog needed was love, time and affection. It didn’t need any toys and probably didn’t have much of a concept that it even owned the toys, or that the toys even existed beyond what it could see. By showering her pooch with material things, the owner was trying to make up for what she wasn’t giving the dog – her time and love. The roomful of expensive doggy toys were merely a testament to their problematic relationship. Sad, I know.

Japanese bathroom accessories are super cool!

Hello Kitty bathroom décor & Japanese bathroom accessories | Bathing

The whole world is in love with the Japanese because of their amazing quirky style and fashion. In fact, there are some things you’ll find in a Japanese bathroom that you won’t find anywhere else.

Singing toilets, heated toilet seats and automatic toilet dispensers are where the trend for Japanese bathroom accessories began but now there is so much more, including the spray wand and central control for water and light from other rooms of the house – wow!

Getting clean and having a bath are very different things!

Japanese people are famed for their love of bath houses. According to Home Improvement Pages, “To the Japanese, getting clean and relaxing in a bathtub are two very different things. While we tend to think of the bathroom as a utilitarian “water closet” designed for a quick shower, the Japanese tend to think of it as a room designed for extended relaxation and enjoyment.” Japanese bathroom accessories are really quite unique.

Put simply, in a Japanese bathroom it’s expected that you pre-wash, or wash all the grime off you before beginning your bath. Nice idea if you ask me!


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