Spiritual messages are all around you, bozo!

Every now and then – something makes me stop in my tracks. In fact, what just happened to me on my lunch break made me stop in my tracks and then cross the road. Every day we get messages and spiritual help. I am sure this is true, but I cannot say for certain what your experience is.

I downloaded this useless mindfulness app. It reminds me to “become aware of my surroundings” at several points during the day. At one stage yesterday, it beeped and sent off a message, telling me, “Become aware of how you relate to those around you”. Uh, OK app. Thanks for the advice. It’s a useless piece of garbage, made with (mostly) good intentions.

It is important to anchor yourself in awareness every day. By doing this, we raise our consciousness so that we become more aware of what really is. Often we get so immersed in the buzz of information and emotions around us. There is as much going on internally as externally at any moment in time. If I stop and pause for a second I am overwhelmed by senses, feelings, emotions, memories, stimuli and general STUFF.

It’s exhausting…don’t you think?

Every day as my train is coming to the underground railways station I patiently wait at every morning, I tune into my awareness. I return myself to the five senses. What can I see, smell, feel, taste and hear? I try to imagine that I am an alien who has just newly arrived on this planet – what would it look like to me if this was my first experience of this world?

The train thunders along – filled with hundreds of people. They sit there like lemmings, like eggs in an egg carton. Patiently waiting for their stop. When I clear my mind and really LOOK, look at what I am seeing it almost shocks me. “Look at all those lemmings stuck in that big, steel beast!” (I think), “And now I am about to join them on their journey to nowhere!”

I sip my coffee with its plastic lid and barge my way past the thronging crowds onto the train and think nothing more of what I have seen. It’s just a freakin train, goddarn it. Just get on the thing and don’t think too much. This is what I do every day. This is my life – it’s probably your too – but for how long? And for how long have we done this? Does anybody even remember?


The thing that made me stop in my tracks today was The Book of Malachi.

Yuh – I know – weird, right?

There is this funny Chinese guy who stands on stilts in China Town in Sydney and he twirls a hula hoop and begs for money. He’s there every day and I don’t often pause to stop and watch him, because quite frankly, he looks like a nutcase.  Today at his feet was a book flapping in the breeze. I am not sure if it was a Torah or a Bible or what – but it has flapped open to The Book of Malachi.


Some cool points about this Book:

  • It’s the last book of The Old Testament
  • It’s in The Torah and The Bible (of course!)
  • Dudes were trying to give lame, blind and sick animals for sacrifice ‘cos they thought no one would notice
  • This is one of the Books that deals with divorce – men are being urged to stick with the “wife of his youth”
  • People in this Book were becoming quite disillusioned with religion

Sew – really that doesn’t mean a lot to me today. But at least I took the time to investigate – it may mean something to me tomorrow. I have quite a thing for religious texts and I am not shy about quoting various sources in this blog – yesterday it was the Bhagavad Gita. Spiritual messages are all around us and more often than not – they come from other people – from men, women and children.

I have found that the people around me are teaching me things about myself. Even the weird hula-hooping man with the strange Book that I’ve never thought to check out before.

From studying this Book for the briefest of moments today – I was able to reconnect with a different time and place – and it reminded me of how small and insignificant my life is, right now.


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