What does adventure mean to me?


I’m an adventurous girl. I’ve lived in every territory and most states of this beautiful country, Australia, and I know that it’s important to always look after yourself when you’re on the road and conquering new trails!

I am not afraid to travel alone!

In fact, I’m quite good at it! It always pays to be prepared as well, which is why I always write lists of the things I will need while I travel. If you’re like me and you’re a solo traveller, insurance can be a useful thing to have.
Unexpected things can and do happen to me when I travel!

There was the time I nearly got bogged in my Mitsubishi Lancer near Litchfield in by beloved Northern Territory.


This is near where I got bogged in Litchfield – the weather looks fine here!

There was the time my mates and I got locked into our flash pad at Byron Bay and we had to scale the fence to catch our flights home!

2_friends go wild

My awesome mates in our flash pad in Byron – before the fence-jumping!

Then there was the time I accidentally burned myself (not seriously – thank god!) on a (legal) fire at a Central Coast camping ground – lucky for me, I had planned and brought my first aid kit!

3_beach shot central coast

A gorgey view near the Central Coast

Adventure to me is about letting go and going with the flow – but making sure that you have planned enough in the first place so that you can have a genuinely good time – no stress!

4_darwin fireworks

Adventure in Darwin for Territory Day – the real Australia!

Southern Cross Travel Insurance is a great place to go if you need insurance for your adventures. Check out their awesome site for some great deals on insurance policies staring from just $15.

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8_mataranka springs

Ever heard of Mataranka! Google that place right now! It’s where you should adventure next!

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