5 of the best bloggers at Fashion Week

The fashion world is shifting and changing. Now it’s no longer just the established paper giants that are making names and waves at Fashion Week. It’s all about the fashion bloggers: these renegade style mavens and doyennes are the people to check when it comes to honing a unique look that is on trend and off the hook.

Garance Doré

Why this blogger has a distinctive style: She is French and has the typical French style that seems so effortlessly chic and understated with its simple lines and perfectly-carved silhouettes. Think minimalistic makeup, a fresh face with tumbling curls or sleek locks. She advises people to make sure that they don’t over-do their looks. Keep things simple and stylish. Clothes should fit you perfectly.

Their style aesthetic: This lovely lady blogger carries her camera everywhere! At the moment, she is rocking her fave pair of ballerina flats and always carries the essential “big bag”. If not in her flats, peep-toe or mary-jane shoes, you’ll find her in wedges this season. She particularly loves her Chloé ones!

Key style ideas: Experiment. Don’t be afraid of making a fashion faux pas! Mix things up, get things wrong, jam old and new together. Make sure you look to the trends of London, Paris and New York to nail your style. Don’t naval-gaze.


Why this blogger has a distinctive style: Autumn is his season, he loves the cool, crisp temperatures and loves Parisian style notes juxtaposed with New York attitude. At the moment it’s all about luxurious thick sweaters and his favourite leather booty shorts. This blogger mixes conservative style with punkish nods to trends-now.

Their style aesthetic: He loves Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Preen, and Altuzarra. He says he doesn’t like to dress his age and feels like a giant, overgrown kid sometimes! At other times you will find him in a sharp, conventional suit, sometimes with a pop of colour at his feet, his lapel or his neck, with a statement tie, socks, cufflinks or similar.

Key style ideas: Eccentric, eclectic, fun, and frivolous. Bryanboy never takes fashion too seriously and likes to laugh at himself (and others!). Lately he is obsessed with the colour grey. Men want to be him, women want to be next to him!

Jennifer Alfano, Keep It Chic

Why this blogger has a distinctive style: She practically lives with her Canon PowerShot SX200IS camera, Flip HD, and iPad. She loves and adores the designer Valentino and says she is obsessed at the moment. Other favourite influences are Celine, Chloé and the ever-classic Louis Vuitton. She loves all the high-gloss, established brands that finish her polished look.

Their style aesthetic: OTK for the sexiest boots in town, A.P.C. for statement dresses, the designer Pologeorgis that recently made an awesome fur sweatshirt, Prada and its signature look 2013 tote, Current/Elliott for the perfect pair of jeans.

Key style ideas: Going for resort pieces right now, Jennifer keeps her look current by street-watching and happy-snapping. She loves studded sandals and in winter, warm, cover-all wraps. A smoky eye and dead-straight hair finishes off the look. Make sure you pout, showing teeth is not the way to go for a burgeoning blogging fashionista.

Laia Garcia, Geometric Sleep

Why this blogger has a distinctive style: She is from New York via San Juan, Puerto Rico and her American style oozes with her Puerto Rican ethnic roots. Like the Seinfeld character George Costanza, she says she dresses for her mood everyday and doesn’t plan too much ahead. An original fashion neurotic!

Their style aesthetic: She is a self-called “minimalist witch”. She loves the look of Olivier Theyskens, citing the Theory collection as one of her favourite design influences of 2013/14. She also loves Proenza Schouler and Rodarte.

Key style ideas: Think a re-tooled version of New Kids on The Block. It’s shredded denim and luscious, heavy eyebrows and under-styled cool. Finish a casual look off with a hot designer piece. Label sunglasses, a statement bag, and flawless heels.

Meaghan Mahoney Dusil, The Purse Blog

Why this blogger has a distinctive style: Never trying too hard, making the most of the understatement. Carries a Hermès Birkin bag and a Leica M9 camera everywhere she goes. This blogger looks very street and doesn’t ever over-dress.

Their style aesthetic: Contemporary and chic yet comfortable. Think about style icons such as Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang. It’s New York meets street chic.

Key style ideas: Leave things a loose and unstructured for last-minute inspirational light-bulb moments. Change your look by focusing on key accessory pieces and dressing around them. Make your style count for something every day. Let people notice you. Be brave!

Who were your favourite bloggers at fashion week? What looks did you love? 


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