Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and How To Use It

Benefits of Nutritional Yeast and How To Use It

Have you heard of nutritional yeast? There are so many interesting food products out there that you may not have tried yet – nutritional yeast is something I urge you to put on your next shopping list. It’s a tasty, healthy, versatile (and vegan!) food that can add so much flavour to many dishes; but […]

The 4 Worst Weight Loss Myths You Can Fall For

The 4 worst weight loss myths you can fall for

There are a million and one weight loss myths out there. Turmeric lattes, fasting, 5:2 Diet, Paleo, veganism, weighing yourself every day – where does the information end? When you are trying to lose weight, a million and one people are telling you a million and one different things. It’s an informational nightmare, and unfortunately, […]

5 Essential Ingredients to Spice Up Meat Free Meals

5 Essential ingredients to spice up meat free meals

Meat free meals are a great addition to your weekly menu. Did you know that more and more people are turning their backs on meat and switching to a meat free diet? It’s true! In fact The “Vegetarianism in America” study published by Vegetarian Times showed that 3.2% of American adults, (that’s 7.3 million people), follow […]

Returning to Eating Meat After Vegetarianism

Yes, I know. I know. I’ve been down this path before too and I am not ashamed. I first flirted with vegetarianism when I lived in Perth, Western Australia. If you have never been, please make sure you never go. Perth is a crappy place, full of sad and lonely people who don’t know how […]

Anorexia and Bulimia: Portia de Rossi talks

I have stopped keeping books when I’ve finished them. I pass them on to friends, or leave them in the communal laundry upstairs in my apartment building. There are few books I wished I’d kept a copy of. Portia de Rossi’s book Unbearable Lightness is one of those books. I have to admit that I […]