Convince yourself that you are great | Career affirmations

Convince yourself that you are great with career affirmations

Could career affirmations help you to get the job you’ve always deserved? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut in our professional lives and we feel that we are not being awarded the status and rank that we deserve, and that we’ve been working towards. What can we do about this? Do you feel “negative” […]

The 3 Things You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss

The 3 things you need to know to be your own boss

Want to be your own boss? Many people these days want to be their own boss and in this digital age, it has never been so easy – yet being your own boss takes dedication and perseverance. Many millennials were taught from a young age that they could do whatever they wanted to do when […]

The Power of Saying Yes, and Why I’m a Slow Learner

I have a friend (who I love dearly) who is very contrary. I’ll call her Mary. We have been friends since we were in our teens, and I love and respect my friend. But she drives me crazy because she is always contrary. She always says ‘NO’. She doesn’t realise that she is doing this; […]