5 Weird Reasons to Stop Being Unhealthy

5 Weird reasons to stop being unhealthy

Being unhealthy can affect so many areas of your life that you may not have even thought about. Be honest, are you as healthy as can be? We’re all guilty of doing things that are categorically unhealthy. Whether it’s eating too much fast food or never exercising, there are loads of things we do that […]

Quitting Your Food Addictions | Change Your Diet

Quitting Your Food Addictions | Change Your Diet

Food addictions are very common and this is an unfortunate part of modem life. Diet is the most important thing in the world to some people. To others, anything goes as long as it tastes good. But this shouldn’t be the mentality that people have. We literally are what we eat. If we fill our […]

3 Characteristics You Need for a Business in the Health Industry

3 characteristics you need for a business in the health industry

Careers in the health industry are on the rise. Business Insider recently looked at the top 20 jobs in healthcare. There are many ways that you can run a business, or forge a career in health. Something you might consider is opening up your own company within the healthcare industry. This way you will enjoy […]

The 6 new rules of weight loss

Eat more meat Should you be eating more meat to lose weight? There are lots of studies that show that protein can be one of the biggest factors in keeping you full and satisfied. Everyone from Atkins to Pierre Dukan has touted the meat-filled diet as a total winner. Do studies support this? Yes! “It […]

My first memories of comfort eating

Oh seriously GUH. Blergh and ugh. I have had the most weird crazy couple of days where I feel this sense of being completely overwhelmed. You know the feeling – when you feel that there is simply too much going on all at once so you feel the need to comfort eat and self-nurture. It […]