The Awful Truth About A Woman’s Obsession

You just cannot enter into an obsession lightheartedly. Obsession begins as an interest and escalates into an all-consuming heat that encases all the flesh in hot, winding flashes of uncontrollable desire. At least, that is what obsession meant to Carmen. Life was debased to simply delving between her obsessions, and there was no going back […]

What Does a Stripper Wear? A Very Short Story.

This morning I decided to go to the gym. There was this woman yelling at the top of her lungs. I think she was a stripper. How do I know? Tight abs. Terrible clothes. Like a lost hippy from 1998 who had forgotten that she’d gotten old. She was probably only late thirties, but she […]

100 word Short Story: She’s So Impulsive

“Stop being so impulsive!” he yelled at me with some urgency. I clicked open my shoulder bag and reached far inside, preparing myself for a big fight. “You’re always like this!” he tells me, “Always acting out, not caring about other people!” He’s right, I think, he knows me well. I straighten my skirt and […]

Short Story of a Lost and Wretched Soul

The room seemed to close in as his blood was heating up. Leonard concentrated his eyes on the floor; an endless phalanx of boards stretched across the dusty view ahead of him. A pathway to nowhere. It was so hot in this room; it was so very stifling in this airless cabin. The only noise […]

Eating Disorder – A Short Story (not about me!)

This is a short story about a girl with an eating disorder. This is a short story only. I promise that it isn’t about me.