Weird Ways to Drop Weight Fast | Fast Diet Tips

Weird ways to drop weight fast | Fast diet tips

Have you ever had to drop weight fast? I am ashamed to admit that I have tried this on many occasions, and sometimes it’s a great idea, and sometimes it’s not. We have consistently heard from experts that the key to sustainable weight loss is “slow and steady” but could the opposite be true? There […]

10 commandments to maintaining your weight

Something occurred to me the other day – I have achieved a goal I always wanted to – maintaining my weight within a 2 kilo (or 5 pound) weight range, effortlessly, over the course of a year. I used to be classic yo-yo dieter. I was like Britney Spears, fluctuating from slightly-hot to blobby and […]

Do you need to heal your relationship with food?

Something occurred to me the other day – I now find it more difficult to overeat. Even when I think I have eaten a lot, often, I will add up the calories I have eaten that day and they will amount to less than 2000. There was a time when I could (somehow) eat double […]