How to achieve a work-life balance in 7 steps

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we’re now working an average of 41.1 hour per week, but of course there are hundreds of thousands of people who are working more, particularly after you add in the housework, chores, school pick up and public transport routines. According to a recent study called The Australian Work […]

How to love what you do – no matter what it is – in 7 easy steps

Love what you do? For most of us, finding a job role where we feel happy, fulfilled and monetarily satisfied is a life goal. It’s not always easy to work out exactly what your strengths are; even when you do, it can often be a challenge to find a career that fits. Love what you […]

5 core personality traits that will get you a job

When we think of “skills” for work, often we think only of those competencies we put on our resume: the core skills we’ve learned such as programs, platforms, diplomas and degrees. Often, we forget that we possess many different core skills, particularly those interpersonal skills that could land us the job of our dreams. What […]

Your 5 steps to getting and staying motivated towards your goals

Motivation is a hard thing to find when you are feeling low. Do you consider yourself a motivated person? Do you like making goals and reaching them, ticking off your internal “to do” list as you go? Some people are movers and shakers. Some people are motivated to seek out what they want in life […]

Should you be a jack of all trades or a specialist? Here’s how to tell!

Opinions are divided: many corporate and business leaders say that it’s essential to be a master or a specialist at your craft, whether that’s management, graphic design or landscaping. Other people suggest that focusing on one speciality only could be a recipe for career disaster. They say that in order to achieve throughout your life […]