Dealing With A High Stress Workplace | How to Cope When You’re Stressed at Work

Dealing with a high stress workplace | How to cope when you’re stressed at work

Have you been dealing with a high stress workplace? High stress workplaces are the ones that leave you feeling emotionally, physically or mentally drained – or all three. The not-so-good news is, people are now more stressed in the workplace than ever. According to an HR magazine, “One in four [people] has felt moderately to […]

Poor Health Signs: 8 Clues Your Body is Giving You

Poor health signs: 8 clues your body is giving you

Have you noticed any of these poor health signs? You may think of yourself as quite a healthy person; you might explore alternative therapies, you try to eat healthily, you make time to exercise and you’re conscious of your mental wellbeing. But every now and then, we change. I have spoken before about Sneaky Symptoms of […]

This is What Happens When I Have a Meltdown

So I nearly had a meltdown today. I feel that my threshold for frustration is quite low. In short – I am feeling too busy, drained and really, really tired. But my life is really great, things are awesome. I am just a bit frazzled. There is lots of stuff going on. When I am […]