All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons

All Gods must die. How to kill your personal gods and demons

Here’s how to investigate killing off your inner demons, by applying the spiritual Death. Don’t waste your life; exorcize your personal gods.

How to receive spiritual messages in your dreams

I have heard that we get spiritual messages in our dreams. Through my own personal experience, I have discovered that this is true. Many people dismiss dreams as gobbledegook, just a mess of subconscious chatter that is not valuable to our waking lives. Sometimes this is true, but there are occasions when we are given […]

How to tell your fortune with playing cards, part 2: The meanings of the Suits

I want to provide a word of warning here. I am not sure that divination is a wise thing for people to play around with; that is, to tell your fortune with playing cards. Yes, I have learned this the hard way. I am not an expert and to correctly read tarot or playing cards it […]

Casting Spells: Spiritual Mistake or Are They OK?

There are quite a few new-age witches about these days, particularly on the internet. It doesn’t take long to find ‘love spells’ and ‘money spells’ online. Remember the book The Secret? Total utter materialistic codswallop if you ask me, but yes, I bought the damn thing. I am not the only blogger who thought The […]

Happiness is NOT the goal. Here’s Why.

Why are you trying to be happy? No, really, think about it. You’re just going to wind up feeling sad again. This is not going to be a negative post – just a discussion on the fact that we are being sold a false hope: happiness. One of my fave bloggers has posted on this […]