SEO Experts: What Do They Do, And Should You Hire One?

SEO experts: what do they do, and should you hire one?

Highly proficient SEO experts can be difficult to come by, as there are lots of SEO cowboys out there. If you have a business, love reading, love writing, love consuming news online, and love finding information – then you love SEO. Wait – hang on. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is nothing […]


What is Domain Authority (DA) & How To Raise Your Website’s Authority & Google Rank

What is Domain Authority and why does it matter to your business? Basically every website on the internet is given a position ranking. Yes, even this one. Here’s a free tool for you to check yours. A website’s ranking or Domain Authority is determined by how valuable SERPS see it to be. SERPS are “search […]