Employment of People with Disability | How To Find Work for PwD

Employment of People with Disability | How to find work for PwD

PwD or People with Disabilities still face discrimination in the workplace, and when job seeking. Around one in five people has, or will acquire a disability. This means that if we do not have a disability, that we probably know someone who does. What counts as a disability varies from country to country, and changes […]

The 5 Things You Need To Have Ready When Searching For A Job

The 5 things you need to have ready when searching for a job

Searching for a job can be a difficult process. In fact, it’s becoming harder, as the job market broadens and electronic methods of applying gain popularity. Sometimes it can feel like you’re just sending out resumes into the ether, with very little response. Let’s face it: applying for a job is more like entering a […]

How to find out EXACTLY what type job of you should be doing TODAY in 7 steps

Everybody would like to be paid handsomely to do a job that they love, however, most of us have to put up with doing a job that we are capable of doing, that we can do most days of the week and where our skills and services are in demand. Despite some negative reports about […]

How to start a new career at any age & beat age discrimination | woman working

How to start a new career at any age & beat age discrimination

There have been many studies that indicate that these days; the average adult will change careers between 4 and 7 times in their lifetimes. Now Forbes magazine is speculating that for millennial workers, the number could rise to between 15 and 20 jobs or more. This means that we are all likely to have a […]

How to market yourself like a product to get a job

Marketing. There’s barely a product sold without it. When you market something, you highlight its best features to a potential customer. You need to demonstrate the benefits that product will bring to the consumer. Finding a job can be like marketing yourself as a product. Think about it. The recruiters, managers and bosses of this […]

The 4 work skills that are obsolete in 2014 and the 4 skills that are essential. Do you have them?

Many experts are suggesting that the internet, as well as the process of offshoring, will account for many current roles falling out of fashion, or even ceasing to exist by 2024. Travel agents, car manufacturers, retail workers, accountants and IT workers have been cited as being among the most at-risk employees with the potential to […]

Do you have a negative attitide? Is it holding you back?

You’re looking for a job and hoping to find work that inspires and challenges you. Everything seems to be in order: you have a decent resume, you have some work experience, you may even have an interview or two lined up. All of this will count for nothing if you forget to bring the most […]

10 Jobs that are on the Way Out: Are You at Risk?

Is your job on the line? It’s no secret; times are tough in the Australian job market. In a recent report, the ABC found that the number of jobs advertised had fallen for the seventh straight month, hinting at further rises in unemployment ahead. How do you know if your role is safe? There are […]