How To Adjust Your Attitude To Nail Your Dream Job

How To Adjust Your Attitude To Nail Your Dream Job

Do you need to adjust your attitude? You’re looking for a job and hoping to find work that inspires and challenges you. Everything seems to be in order: you have a decent resume, you have some work experience, you may even have an interview or two lined up. All of this will count for nothing […]

Should you be a jack of all trades or a specialist? Here’s how to tell!

Opinions are divided: many corporate and business leaders say that it’s essential to be a master or a specialist at your craft, whether that’s management, graphic design or landscaping. Other people suggest that focusing on one speciality only could be a recipe for career disaster. They say that in order to achieve throughout your life […]

Signs it’s time to change your life: NOW

Life: it changes every day but frustratingly, often we feel as though we are doing the same things day in, day out, and getting nowhere. Do you have big dreams and goals? The New Year is a great time to change a few things in your life around and set some great plans in motion […]

The 7 things you need to nail to get a job

If you are currently job seeking there are many tips you can employ to make yourself stand out to potential employees. Presenting the best version of yourself is essential to getting and keeping the job you desire in the industry you are aiming for. The job market can be every competitive and honing the essential […]

How to Identify Your Point of Difference [Worksheet]

How to Identify Your Point of Difference [Worksheet]

Think of yourself as a brand. Think of your job skills as product features and brand attributes. What makes your brand different? If you need customers (in this case, a “customer” is a potential employer) then you need to show why your “brand” is the best, and why they should not even consider another brand. […]

15 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Answering common interview questions well can be a “make or break” situation when it comes to getting a job. Knowing what your interviewer is likely to ask is important but knowing why they are asking something is even more essential. There are a few common interview questions that you can expect and prepare for. Often […]