long-term stress

How to deal with long-term stress or chronic stress

When I have to deal with a problem, I often ask myself the question, “Will this be a problem in an hour? Will this be a problem in a day? Will this still be a problem in a week, a month, a year?” Often the answer helps me to clarify how much attention I should […]

5 best natural energy boosters you can do right NOW

Today I feel OK but there are many days when I wake up tired and feel like I have next to no energy at all. I have heard a theory that all humans (and indeed, all living things) have a finite amount of energy each day. When this is used up, we feel drained and […]

Why you feel stressed at Christmas time

Stress. I have it in droves at the moment. Far from being the most wonderful time of the year – often I find myself so stressed out I cannot think clearly or function well. Even though I am technically going on a break from work, I will continue with some freelancing and I have to […]

Why You Need to Commit to Making Mistakes, Today!

I’m always making mistakes. Messing up and getting things wrong. I can make mistakes all day: on the road, at work, in documents, with punctuation, spelling, in life, when I argue, when I cancel plans with people, when I make insensitive comments. Mistakes stress me out. I am a natural stress-head and I come from […]