How to achieve your goals with The Backwards Plan: Kerri Pottharst, Gold Olympian

This is an excerpt of an article I wrote for Start Up Smart. To read the full article, go to the link at the end. Kerri Pottharst is good at setting goals. She is one of Australia’s best known sportswomen, famous for playing indoor and beach volleyball. She is a triple Olympian with two Olympic medals. […]

How to start a new career at any age & beat age discrimination | woman working

How to start a new career at any age & beat age discrimination

There have been many studies that indicate that these days; the average adult will change careers between 4 and 7 times in their lifetimes. Now Forbes magazine is speculating that for millennial workers, the number could rise to between 15 and 20 jobs or more. This means that we are all likely to have a […]

The 4 work skills that are obsolete in 2014 and the 4 skills that are essential. Do you have them?

Many experts are suggesting that the internet, as well as the process of offshoring, will account for many current roles falling out of fashion, or even ceasing to exist by 2024. Travel agents, car manufacturers, retail workers, accountants and IT workers have been cited as being among the most at-risk employees with the potential to […]