How to Deal with Sadness: Looking After Your Mental Health

How to deal with sadness: looking after your mental health

When you really need to deal with sadness you can be lost for ideas of how to “fix yourself” when things go wrong, or when you feel sad. Every new week brings a fresh set of challenges for you, even when you really feel like you need a break. It is crucial that you try and […]

10 Ways to curb your appetite – naturally

Sometimes I have an appetite that is out of control. Sometimes I want to eat when I am not hungry, when I have already eaten, when I am bored or distracted. You do not need to satisfy every craving you have. I am trying to develop more discipline with the way I eat. Over the […]

Delay Your Meal by Just 20 Minutes to Lose Weight and Avoid Overeating

A phrase a mentor of mine taught me was ‘delayed gratification’. This is when we choose not to indulge in an activity right away – giving ourselves the chance to want and expect that activity even more. It helps us to build up our willpower. Often I have immense willpower – there are times when […]