How to find your authentic career self in 4 simple steps

How well do you know yourself and what really motivates you? In order to have a happy life and a long career it’s essential to know not only what makes you happy, but what makes you tick. There is a lot of advice online that says “doing what you love” is key to ultimate career […]

How to identify your personal brand

What is a personal brand? You may have heard this term around the web for a few years now. There are even experts that will help you to nail down your personal brand, with the aim of getting you more work, better opportunities and career longevity. According to Astrid Baumgarder, a personal branding coach from […]

How to find a better job when you have a job already

Already employed? That’s great news – but what if you’re not 100% happy in your chosen career, or you’re just working somewhere to pay the bills, while secretly hoping to fulfil your true vocation? Many experts say that it can actually be advantageous to find the job of your dreams when you are already employed. […]

14 ways to survive a new job when you’ve just changed careers

You’ve heard the stories: more people than ever are changing jobs. It’s not a myth, but a reality. The pace with which we change roles sand careers is speeding up, both in Australia and overseas. Aussies who continue on in the same job for more than five years are now the exception, not the rule. […]

Do you have a skills gap? Here’s how to identify & rectify it

Has your career or job search stalled? Is your resume not getting the attention it deserves? Do you feel that you’ve lost your confidence for interviews? Could a “skills gap” be the reason? What is a skills gap? According to, “a skills gap analysis is a business tool used to assess the difference between […]

What to do before a job interview | 7 interview tips Line Up

What to do before a job interview | 7 interview tips

There are so many questions about what to do before a job interview! If you are currently job seeking there are many tips you can employ to make yourself stand out to potential employees. Presenting the best version of yourself is essential to getting and keeping the job you desire in the industry you are […]