Studying Online? Time Management Tips For Adult Online Students

Studying online? Time management tips for adult online students

Adult online students have particular learning needs. Engendering the kind of discipline it takes to get though an online course is no mean feat. I have always been a good manager of time, some of my friends certainly are not. They are always late, they miss deadlines, they are always “rushing around” and they annoy […]

Career Change Ideas for People Who Are Very Focused

Career change ideas for people who are very focused

Are you very focused? When you are focused, this means that you are able to centre on something and keep that as your main basis for being. Focus can be a great thing for your career. Some people are blessed with the skill of being naturally focused. They can take on a task and know […]

3 Top Ethical Jobs to Explore for a Career Change Later in Life

3 Top Ethical Jobs to Explore for a Career Change Later in Life

There are many ethical jobs out there for you to explore. Let’s face it, money is often not the main driving force behind career choices for a lot of people. Getting a higher wage is often not as important as doing something worthwhile. A generation ago, many people might have been content to spend their […]