Peaches, the “peach myth” & health properties of peach fruit

Peaches are a sweet, soft fruit of a yellow-ish, orangey or pinky colour. Peach fruit is used in jams, cakes, or even eaten with meats such as turkey. They originally come from China, and there is a famous Chinese myth called The Peaches of Immortality which we will talk more about. Nectaries are actually from […]

Can You Drink Miso Soup to Lose Weight Like Peaches Geldof Did?

Update: 8th of April, 2014. Peaches Geldof has passed away. I would like to say how much I feel for her family during this time, as this is a true tragedy. Rest in Peace, Peaches. Read my tribute here. Here is the original article. Miso soup is great for weight loss but please remember that […]

To Weigh Every Day or Not? My Love/Hate Relationship with the Scale

Today I am happy because today I weigh less than yesterday. Any day you catch me in a particularly good mood, it’s because I’ve dropped a kilo (more than two pounds!) overnight. If everything in my life is going really well but I’ve had a tiny gain – I feel miserable. How long I have […]

vegan snacks under 100 calories oreo cookies

21 Vegan Snacks Under 100 Calories

Want to discover some healthy vegan snacks under 100 calories? You have reached your destination! There are so many reasons to go vegan, either part time or full time. It’s ethical, healthy, sustainable and awesome! In fact, a vegan diet may help you to feel more healthy and vibrant! Here are 21 vegan snacks under 100 calories […]

Could Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

Have you heard of Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV? It is a natural vinegar that contains something called Mother of Vinegar, which looks like a cloudy cobweb, floating inside the vinegar bottle. ACV is made from fresh ripe apples that are fermented; it has lots of vitamins, beta-carotene, pectin and vital minerals such as potassium, […]

One Week on a Seaweed Diet Will it Work Heres What Happened HERO

One Week on a Seaweed Diet: Will it Work? Here’s What Happened.

Seaweed: it’s no longer strange to most people because of the prevalence of sushi bars and nori rolls. But could you eat it for a whole week to lose weight? I put myself on the seaweed diet to see if it made any difference to how I felt and what I weighed. Seaweed is rich […]

5 Day Vegan Power Cleanse Program

Feeling a little sluggish after Christmas? Why not try “going vegan” for only 5 days? This is a great cleanse, you can eat lots of food and still feel light on your feet. DAY ONE: CLEANSE This day is designed to detoxify your body, eating mostly fruit. The idea is too keep your food plain […]

Give “Fake” Vegans a Break

Vegans: they’re everywhere now; but eating no meat, eggs or dairy takes organisation and discipline. Can you occasionally lapse and still call yourself a vegan? Shouldn’t we all just be more relaxed about an individual’s food choices? I’ve been judged by many angry vegans as being a fake. A Vegan who Sometimes Eats Meat – […]