Life Goals: The 15 Signs To Notice When You're Winning At Life

Life Goals: The 15 signs to notice when you’re winning at life

Are you winning at life? Well, you should be! Each and every one of us wants to live our best life, we’re limited in the years that we get so it’s important to make the most of them. During our lifetimes, we can develop habits and ideas that actually hinder us and our ability to […]

4 Simple Ways to Help Your Parents Adjust to Retirement

4 Simple ways to help your parents adjust to retirement

Have your parents recently retired? Let’s face it – Life after retirement can be difficult, and many people struggle to adjust to life without work. While it can be hard to see your parents getting older, helping them to enjoy their retirement is an essential way to support your parents in the way they’ve supported […]

4 Fun Summer Activities for Kids | Easy Ideas for Kids

4 fun Summer activities for kids | Easy ideas for kids

Summer activities for kids don’t need to be complicated or expensive. The summer months are the perfect time to hang out and socialise as a family, and really get to spend some quality time with your kids. There are so many excellent things you can do to really make the most of the weather and […]

4 Things to Consider When Becoming a Carer For Elderly Parents

4 Things to consider when becoming a carer for elderly parents

Becoming a carer for elderly parents is now much more common than it was a few generations ago, due to our extended lifespans. In fact, where I live, in Australia, there are now 2.7 million unpaid carers, from a population of about 24 million people. This means around 856,000 carers (32%) are primary carers, those […]

3 Important Ways to Help a Person With Disability (PwD)

3 Important ways to help a Person With Disability (PwD)

What are some basic and simple ways to help a person with disability? Statistics indicate that 1 in 5 people has (or will develop) a disability within their lifetime. Years ago, I used to work in Australia in the disability employment sector, which was a real eye opener. People with disability are a huge contributor […]

Suffer From Low Confidence? Here’s What to Do

Suffer from low confidence? Here’s what to do

Many of us suffer from low confidence – sadly it’s a fact of the human condition. A while ago I wrote a post called What to do when you’ve lost your confidence after I was feeling a bit battered and bruised emotionally after a break up. It’s not just romantic break ups that cause a […]

Do people think of you as a good friend? Check this list to find out

Do people think of you as a good friend? Check this list to find out

Do you want to be a good friend? Well, do you have the personality traits of a good friend? Let’s face it: Life is no fun without good friends to share it with. If you feel as though some of your friends may be acting a bit cold toward you recently, it might be because […]

online dating

Are you breaking the rules of online dating?

Yes, there are rules when it comes to online dating – you just have to know what they are, and follow them. The 21st century has brought us some incredible technology, more freedoms and equality than ever before – but has it completely ruined dating forever for some people? That’s right, even though we are […]

Healing a Broken Family Dynamic & Finding Peace

Healing a Broken Family Dynamic & Finding Peace

What do you do if you experience a broken family dynamic? Families change over time and this becomes more apparent during the holiday season where we often find ourselves spending more time with our families than we usually do. These days, so many families are under pressure. Compared with a couple of generations ago, children […]

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

9 Small Details Not to Forget On Your Wedding Day

Sometimes it’s the small details that make all the difference. When you think of a wedding, you immediately think of the big details, like the dress, the cake and the venue. But, it’s often the small details that can be personalised that make the biggest impression on guests. You’ll want every guest to walk into […]

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Quit Bad Habits Before the New Year

4 Sure-fire ways to quit bad habits before the New Year

Do you need to quit bad habits? Everyone has personality traits and quirks that make them unique and individual; however, sometimes, you might get into a pattern of behaviour that becomes detrimental to your health, wellbeing, or lifestyle. Trust me, we’ve all done this! Deep down you know that if you really want a happy […]

Wedding To Do List: Planning the Perfect Wedding

How to come up with an essential wedding to do list

What should go on your wedding to do list? If you are planning for your wedding, it is likely that you are wondering where to begin. This is a common feeling, and it makes sense if you are a little nervous about the outcome, just because it’s one of the biggest days of your life […]

How to Arrange Travel for Elderly Relatives During the Holidays

How to Arrange Travel for Elderly Relatives During the Holidays

Arranging travel for elderly relatives doesn’t need to be too difficult. It’s coming up to the holiday season and this is often when we plan to visit our elderly relatives, or when they might plan to visit you. The older our beloved relatives get, the more we might worry about them. Even when they’re independent […]

How To Rebuild A Relationship After A Breakup

How to rebuild a relationship after a breakup

Is it ever possible to rebuild a relationship? What do you do if you want to get back with you ex? Friends and family members may be telling you it’s not a great idea. Your ex might even be a narcissist or an emotional vampire. However, your previous relationship might also be the best thing […]