Fun ways to burn 100 calories Your BMR and how it affects weight loss yoga men and women

Fun ways to burn 100 calories | Your BMR and how it affects weight loss

Everyone at work seems to love Chobani yoghurt. In fact, I constantly see pots of this delicious snack in the fridge. Want to burn 100 calories fast – the fun way? Well, read on! Depending on how you look at it, it’s difficult or easy to burn 100 calories. How long have you been stuck in […]

10 Amazing Vegan Sauces |Vegan Spices & Seasoning

10 Amazing Vegan Sauces | Vegan Spices & Seasoning

Even if you’re not 100% vegan, you can still enjoy vegan sauces and vegan spices and seasonings. When you go vegan, you usually start off OK. In fact, you often wonder why you hadn’t adopted this lifestyle before! But then it gets harder. Cravings start to appear. You may miss creamy food, or dairy, or […]


Peaches, the “peach myth” & health properties of peach fruit

Peaches are a sweet, soft fruit of a yellow-ish, orangey or pinky colour. Peach fruit is used in jams, cakes, or even eaten with meats such as turkey. They originally come from China, and there is a famous Chinese myth called The Peaches of Immortality which we will talk more about. Nectaries are actually from […]

BMI formula

The BMI formula | Understanding BMI 10 ways

The BMI Formula is what you use to calculate your BMI. A BMI calculator assesses your body mass index and is a broad indication of whether you are at a healthy weight or not. Put simply, if your BMI is too low, you are underweight, and if it’s too high, you are overweight, obese or […]

miso soup to lose weight

Lose weight with miso 10 ways

I love miso. Lovers of Japanese cuisine will be familiar with this thick, salty paste. There are tons of ways to eat miso and it may help you lose weight. There are many reports that miso soup causes weight loss and that there are many miso soup benefits – but what are some of the […]


Should I do the 5:2 diet? Will the 5:2 diet work?

I love a crazy diet, and the 5:2 Diet seems to fit that bill. Probably more for food obsessesers than those with a balanced approach to eating, this diet is perfect for you if you like a bit of self-flagellation and are down for a quick(ish) fix. But will it help you lose weight? Is […]

Is juice actually healthy for you or is juicing making you gain weight?

Is juice actually healthy for you or is juicing making you gain weight?

What do you think – is juicing making you gain weight? Eating healthy can be a challenge for everyone. Healthy living is something that we should all aspire to. You’ve probably seen millions of articles on the best juicer to buy and the best juices to drink – but could drinking juice actually be making […]


Working too fast and making lots of mistakes? Here’s how to fix your life!

Do you ever feel like you are working at a million miles a minute? That you don’t have time to check things properly and take the time you should for projects? You’re not alone. The pace of modern life has gotten so quick. Many of us feel that we are expected to check our emails […]

5 plant-based foods you can eat to improve your skin, nails and hair

Having healthy skin, hair and nails can be a sign of inner wellness. When our immune system is run down, often our nails can become brittle, our skin can look dry, and our hair can break or even start to fall out. Keeping your stress levels under control and getting adequate sleep and exercise has […]

Alcohol and weight gain: is booze making you fat?

Do you like downing a couple of alcoholic drinks at the end of a busy work day? Is having a glass or two of wine the thing that keeps you just a few kilos or pounds short of your “comfortable weight”? There have been many studies into the relationship between alcohol and weight gain, now […]

Getting older for women: Which parts of my body will get better with age?

Getting older can be hard, especially in this day and age where everyone is so focused on youth culture. It’s like older people do not exist. That’s just stupid. Since the beginning of time, people have (rightly) looked up to their community elders – in Ancient Rome, once you reached the age of 60 you […]

What does bulimia do to your body?

If you are suffering from bulimia, then you will be in significant emotional, mental, spiritual and physical pain. Bulimia is like an addiction – you will be compelled to binge and purge even when you don’t want to – even when you are trying not to. Many people who suffer from bulimia says they feel […]

What are the healthiest sodas to drink?

Fizzy, sparkling, fun and light, everyone loves a soda – or as we call them in Australia “soft drinks” – I know, it sounds weird doesn’t it? However, they have a bad reputation for having lots of sugar and generally being bad for you. But how bad are they really? Is there a way to […]

5:2 diet plan. Anorexic? Binge eater? Issues with food? The 5 types of people that should never fast

There’s a new diet in town, have you heard of it? It’s the 5:2 diet plan. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the concept is very simple. Basically, you calorie-restrict for two days of the week, or have two “fasting” days. There are a few variations of the diet. For the most part, on […]