4 Ways to Infuse Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Your Small Business

4 Ways to infuse corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your small business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the initiatives a business takes to assess responsibility for the effects it has on environmental and social wellbeing. In today’s business climate, corporate social responsibility plays a more crucial role than ever before, with studies revealing that millennials wish to work at businesses that are regarded as responsible and ethical. […]

3 Best Reader-Voted Locations For a Digital Marketing Seachange

3 Best reader-voted locations for a digital marketing seachange

Are you considering a digital marketing seachange? So, the husband and I have been thinking about making a digital marketing seachange. We’re both bloggers, millennials, and website owners – we’d love to be able to work in digital marketing without having to be tethered to one place. That’s our dream…maybe it’s your dream too? The […]

What is Niche Blog Content & How Does A Niche Help With SEO?

What is niche blog content & how does a niche help with SEO?

Niche blog content: what is it, do you need it, and how do you define it? Niche blog content is a buzzword you have probably heard. In a world of ever-increasing competition for readers’ attention, niche blog content might be a way for you to capture a smaller, but specified and enthusiastic audience for your […]

How to Improve Your Business By Developing Strong Mental Skills

How to improve your business by developing strong mental skills

Mental skills are something that we can (and should) develop, as these can improve many areas of our lives, including our business and work life. If you want to better your business opportunities, there are so many different mental skills you can develop; and many other free, progressive things you can do with just a […]

The 3 Things You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss

The 3 things you need to know to be your own boss

Want to be your own boss? Many people these days want to be their own boss and in this digital age, it has never been so easy – yet being your own boss takes dedication and perseverance. Many millennials were taught from a young age that they could do whatever they wanted to do when […]

How to Use the Sharing Economy for Your Business

How to use the sharing economy for your business

Have you heard of the sharing economy? This is what we know as a “hybrid market” which involves a model of a “peer-to-peer exchange”. This will usually be facilitated via community-based online services. “Uberization” is also a common term for this modern phenomenon. But the sharing economy is really nothing new. Businesses have always had […]

Weird & Easy Ways to Run a Greener Business

Weird & easy ways to run a greener business

Do you aspire to run a greener business? Well, you should! When it comes to looking after the environment, each one of us needs to do our bit – and this means that your business should get some attention for its environmental impact. Ready to run a greener business? It may sound dramatic but it’s […]

How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

How to fast track your way up the corporate ladder

Where are you on the corporate ladder? Are you up the top – or still climbing? Ask yourself a few questions – Are you happy at work? Are you fulfilled? Do you have a sense of purpose with your work? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? One of the reasons that many people […]

4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog

4 New ways to make money online while you blog

Many of us want to find ways to make money online while we run our blogs, because let’s face it – blogging as a career can be difficult. Blogging takes time and effort and so many people simply give up. Finding ways to make money online are far from impossible but building your brand to […]

Dealing With A High Stress Workplace | How to Cope When You’re Stressed at Work

Dealing with a high stress workplace | How to cope when you’re stressed at work

Have you been dealing with a high stress workplace? High stress workplaces are the ones that leave you feeling emotionally, physically or mentally drained – or all three. The not-so-good news is, people are now more stressed in the workplace than ever. According to an HR magazine, “One in four [people] has felt moderately to […]

3 Ways to Deal With A Huge Increase In Blog Readership

3 Ways to deal with a huge increase in blog readership

What do you do when you’ve had an increase in blog readership? Blogging is much harder than people think – it takes dedication and perseverance. Most people give up after a few months, but if you’re still going and now seeing results – then good for you! In actual fact, the first hurdle that you […]

The Lifestyle Secrets Successful People Implement to Achieve Their Goals

The lifestyle secrets successful people implement to achieve their goals

What do all successful people do to achieve their goals? For a start, they know about work-life balance. There is nothing more important than enjoying a relaxing evening at home after a very busy day in the office – it really does help you achieve your goals and get ahead. It’s really important that you […]

How to Fix Slow Load Times On Your Blog

How to fix slow load times on your blog

Slow load times on a blog or webpage can be pretty annoying. If something is taking ages to load, how long would you wait before you clicked off and went to another site? A couple of minutes maybe? For 40% of internet users, the average time they’ll actually wait is 3 seconds. On retail websites, […]

How to Create a Writing Plan for Any Topic

How to create a writing plan for any topic

Creating a writing plan before you begin putting words onto a page is a great way to ensure that what you end up with is of high value to your audience. Whether you’re writing an article, an essay, a research paper or a piece of creative writing, it’s always a good idea to plan out […]