Find Your Perfect Career & Unlock Your Passion With 3 Questions

Find your perfect career & unlock your passion with 3 questions

So, what is your perfect career? A few years ago I took a long, hard look at myself. I had been working in radio (broadcast media) for over a decade and I wanted to transfer to a more stable, growth industry, as radio was becoming too competitive, too unstable and was showing little growth. I […]

Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The Career For Your Personality Type

Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The career for your personality type

Finding a career for your personality type is something to consider. Your inherent personality can really affect what type of job you’ll be successful in. There are many types of careers out there, and many personality tests. The Myers-Briggs testing system is very well known, as has been used to assess personality types for decades. […]

The Hidden Challenges of Freelancing and How To Overcome Them

The hidden challenges of freelancing and how to overcome them

Yes, there are many challenges of freelancing. I’ve now been in the workplace for a couple of decades, starting my career in radio, around age 21. I have worked in many industries that you could call “a boy’s club” – the media in Australia is well known for being misogynistic and sexist. The gender pay […]

The 5 Things You Need To Have Ready When Searching For A Job

The 5 things you need to have ready when searching for a job

Searching for a job can be a difficult process. In fact, it’s becoming harder, as the job market broadens and electronic methods of applying gain popularity. Sometimes it can feel like you’re just sending out resumes into the ether, with very little response. Let’s face it: applying for a job is more like entering a […]

5 Online Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home

5 online writing jobs you can do from home

Online writing jobs are becoming more and more popular. With the rise in the importance of search rankings and the increasing ability for people to self-publish, there has never been a greater demand for online writing talent. The good news is, there is plenty of work out there if you know how to find it. […]

5 Best Jobs That Are Not in An Office

5 best jobs that are not in an office

Like working, but not in an office? Having a full-time office job isn’t for everyone. We’re not all suited to working the traditional nine-to-five day, and some people might feel shackled to their desk by this. Does that sound like you? If so, you need to reconsider your career options and try to find a […]

3 Things To Do Today When You’re Looking For A Job

3 Things to do today when you’re looking for a job

Looking for a job can be pretty tough. It can take a long time, require a lot of energy, be slightly soul-destroying and might even make you depressed – but hey, it’s part of life, and knowing how to go about looking for a job is one of life’s skills to be mastered. Looking for […]

Working From Home Hacks You Need To Know | 4 Tips

Working from home hacks you need to know | 4 Tips

Working from home can be a challenge, right? As with most things in life there’s a recipe for being focused, just like there’s a recipe for being unfocused. Productivity is one of the many challenges you might encounter. Think about it, if you have the ingredients of kids screaming in the background, with a laptop […]

Residential Signage: Use Your Home To Advertise Your Product Or Service

Residential signage: use your home to advertise your product or service

Residential signage: Could it work for your small business? I saw something that piqued my interest in my local neighborhood the other day. A local person in my neighborhood, had placed a few signs up around his residential property, saying, “Camera Repairs”. Then he had more signs pointing to his workshop out the back. “What […]

Should A Woman Open A Business in a Male-Dominated Industry?

Should a woman open a business in a male-dominated industry?

There are quite a few male-dominated industries out there. Construction. Tech. Logistics. Engineering. These sectors all have something in common: if you asked the average person on the street who would own companies that work in these sectors, that person would probably expect the entrepreneur to be male, despite the advances of modern feminism. It […]

Why An Autobiography Can Teach You About Your Yourself

Why an autobiography can teach you about yourself

What makes a great autobiography? Is it the narrator’s “voice”, the fact that the writing is more personal or the engaging style? What’s your favourite type of book to read? If you’ve answered that question with “I don’t read books” you get no marks, and we’ll have words later. Hang your head in shame and […]

3 Easy Ways To Create A Comfortable Workplace

3 Easy ways to create a comfortable workplace

What makes a comfortable workplace, and why is this essential? When you manage to create a comfortable workplace, it tends to have the effect of improving worker morale in the business immediately, and it also makes for a much nicer place to work on the whole. There are studies online that indicate that a comfortable […]

4 Ways to Infuse Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Your Small Business

4 Ways to infuse corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your small business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the initiatives a business takes to assess responsibility for the effects it has on environmental and social wellbeing. In today’s business climate, corporate social responsibility plays a more crucial role than ever before, with studies revealing that millennials wish to work at businesses that are regarded as responsible and ethical. […]

3 Best Reader-Voted Locations For a Digital Marketing Seachange

3 Best reader-voted locations for a digital marketing seachange

Are you considering a digital marketing seachange? So, the husband and I have been thinking about making a digital marketing seachange. We’re both bloggers, millennials, and website owners – we’d love to be able to work in digital marketing without having to be tethered to one place. That’s our dream…maybe it’s your dream too? The […]