5 best women bloggers for inspirational advice

Penelope Trunk An entrepreneur and start-up queen, Penelope started several successful blogs. Her current self-titled blog gets over 150 000 page views a month and influences people all over the world. Penelope used to be a highflying corporate in New York, now she lives the simple life on a farm in Wisconsin where she still […]

21 Ways to Motivate Yourself (+ 1 Spare!)

You’ve got an idea. You’re excited about it. The first few weeks while you work towards your plan fly by in a flurry of activity: you organise things efficiently, you make phone calls and send emails, you start to get things moving. Then you hit a wall. It’s not uncommon for us to be really […]

How to Move House

How to Move House: The 10 Essential Steps You Cannot Miss!

I am excellent at only a few things in life and moving house is one. Since the day i was born (and counting only houses and apartments I have lived in for more than 6 months) I have moved 22 times. I have moved as short a distance as the next street, or as far […]

Hey Loser! Have You Shown Up For Your Life Today?

Showing up. Did you do it today? There are so many people I see that fail to show up for their own lives. It seems to me that they are hoping that someone will come in and live their lives for them. You know the type. Dreamers. Wishers. Hopers and Wanters. But never doers. Today […]

How to be a Morning Person: Your Easy Step-by-Step Guide

I am a morning person. Are you? I think I am naturally like this, but I still hate getting up earlier than I am used to. My body protests, my eyelids refuse to open, my head hurts, it’s cold in my apartment. I don’t want to get out of bed. People need different amounts of […]

Finding Your Life’s Calling: Here’s How You Begin

Finding Your Life’s Calling is a pretty big step, right? I always envied people who were outstanding singers, if just for the fact that they probably knew “their calling” from very early on. I first thought about this in the year 2007 when I saw a live Christina Aguilera concert; she was such an outstanding singer, […]

More Education Solutions for Online Learning in Kenya

There is a growing demand for tertiary education in Kenya, and to meet the demand, Kenyan universities are opening satellite campuses across the country, with a focus on online education, or elearning. Njambi Muchane is the Director of Kenya School of Government elearning and Development Institute, and she says that instead of investing more in […]

Blog writing tips: 10 essential steps not to miss! | Blogger

Blog writing tips: 10 essential steps not to miss!

There are many blog writing tips that you need to know, so let’s get started. You’ve got a great blog. You just want people to read it – but are you making it easy for them? I’ve consulted multiple blog sites to gather the top tips to make your blog more readable. Check this quick […]

10 of the Best: How to Be Like Your Favourite Career Men and Women

Careers: the concept is a modern one. Before the industrial revolution, people had jobs, titles, vocations and passions. They didn’t talk about “climbing the corporate ladder” and “putting in a 9 to 5”. People have always achieved things. “Careerists” have always strived to advance and to make a difference. There are some men and women […]

They Moved all the Desks in the Office

They moved all the desks in the office Now I sit opposite Andre I try not to cough Too loudly Because I know I can be annoying. I make lots of funny noises when I’m at work I stretch and grumble and eat apples and drink coke I wouldn’t want to sit next to me. […]