The Career Satisfaction Quiz

How to answer: choose A, B, C or D with the feeling that most closely matches yours. A:            Strongly Disagree B:            Disagree C:            Agree D:            Strongly Agree The questions, choose A, B, C or D: I always see the best in people, even if I find them difficult. (A B C […]

14 ways to survive a new job when you’ve just changed careers

You’ve heard the stories: more people than ever are changing jobs. It’s not a myth, but a reality. The pace with which we change roles sand careers is speeding up, both in Australia and overseas. Aussies who continue on in the same job for more than five years are now the exception, not the rule. […]

Worldwide: more girls are illiterate than boys (and why this sucks)

Women’s education has been linked with a faster, more efficient way of getting people out of the poverty cycle. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has said that their latest report brings examples from across the globe, including Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nicaragua and Vietnam, showing that female education is vital for lifting families […]

Do you have a skills gap? Here’s how to identify & rectify it

Has your career or job search stalled? Is your resume not getting the attention it deserves? Do you feel that you’ve lost your confidence for interviews? Could a “skills gap” be the reason? What is a skills gap? According to, “a skills gap analysis is a business tool used to assess the difference between […]

Should you be a jack of all trades or a specialist? Here’s how to tell!

Opinions are divided: many corporate and business leaders say that it’s essential to be a master or a specialist at your craft, whether that’s management, graphic design or landscaping. Other people suggest that focusing on one speciality only could be a recipe for career disaster. They say that in order to achieve throughout your life […]

An excerpt: Is negative language holding women back at work?

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the Women’s Agenda website. It’s working title was: Language, attitude and pay issues all holding women back in the workplace. Women’s Agenda is the place where professional women go for news, style and advice through the filter of success. I thought I would post an excerpt […]

How to find out EXACTLY what type job of you should be doing TODAY in 7 steps

Everybody would like to be paid handsomely to do a job that they love, however, most of us have to put up with doing a job that we are capable of doing, that we can do most days of the week and where our skills and services are in demand. Despite some negative reports about […]

Got a phone or a Skype interview? Here are 15 ways to ace it

Do you have a phone or Skype interview coming up? They can be just as nerve-wracking as ‘in-person’ interviews and can present their own selection of challenges. Here are a few tips and tricks to survive a phone interview; before, during and after the call. What is a phone or Skype interview? Often, if not […]

Are You Stuck in a Rut? Here’s 4 Things to Pull You Out!

I once read something about healing that intrigued me. There was a theory in ancient Greece that when a person was taken ill, the plant that would cure them could normally be found within reach. This is an esoteric principle. Have you ever had a problem and subsequently met someone who could help you with […]

Further Education: It’s Not Just About University

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 53 per cent of young people in full-time education or training were in current employment, with the average work rate 16 hours a week. You are probably already working, or about to enter the workforce for the first time, so what happens when you want to study to […]

10 Jobs that are on the Way Out: Are You at Risk?

Is your job on the line? It’s no secret; times are tough in the Australian job market. In a recent report, the ABC found that the number of jobs advertised had fallen for the seventh straight month, hinting at further rises in unemployment ahead. How do you know if your role is safe? There are […]

Which Colleges and Universities Rank Among the Best in the World?

How do you rank a university? The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings were released in early March and after three years of ranking educators, the system has indicated a few surprises. The method they used to collect data on the institutions was quite interesting: to complete the survey, scholars were given questions around the […]

Work Totally Sucks? 15 Signs That it’s Time to Switch Jobs

Feeling dissatisfied in your job and not sure if you should start looking for a new position? How do you identify if it’s time to move on? There are several indicators that you can use as a determining factor. Have a look at this list below and see if any of these signs sound familiar. […]