What to wear to a job interview – 5 experts weigh in

If you have a job interview coming up, it’s important that you look your best. But what does “looking your best” really mean? Should you always plan to wear a suit, even if you feel itchy, uncomfortable and “not like yourself” when you wear one? Are there other options out there? Of course, dressing for […]

How to find your authentic career self in 4 simple steps

How well do you know yourself and what really motivates you? In order to have a happy life and a long career it’s essential to know not only what makes you happy, but what makes you tick. There is a lot of advice online that says “doing what you love” is key to ultimate career […]

The 7 most dangerous things about working in an office (and they might surprise you!)

The office – do you work in one? Over the course of our working lives we usually have to spend some time in an office – even jobs where you are not chained to a desk, often management or administration is done from a place that closely resembles a typical cubicle farm. Did you know […]

How to achieve a work-life balance in 7 steps

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we’re now working an average of 41.1 hour per week, but of course there are hundreds of thousands of people who are working more, particularly after you add in the housework, chores, school pick up and public transport routines. According to a recent study called The Australian Work […]

How men and women communicate differently in the workplace

The modern workplace aims to be a balanced place where everyone can communicate openly and freely with the intention of being as productive as possible. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “NSW women’s participation in the labour force has increased significantly over time.” But are we really talking to each other in the most […]

The 7 best ways to follow up after a job interview

You’ve written up a great resume, applied for a bunch of jobs, landed an interview and now you’re playing the waiting game. Waiting to hear whether you’ve landed a role after a job interview can be frustrating. However, there are a few things you can do to follow up afterwards and place yourself in the […]

How to identify your personal brand

What is a personal brand? You may have heard this term around the web for a few years now. There are even experts that will help you to nail down your personal brand, with the aim of getting you more work, better opportunities and career longevity. According to Astrid Baumgarder, a personal branding coach from […]

How to find a better job when you have a job already

Already employed? That’s great news – but what if you’re not 100% happy in your chosen career, or you’re just working somewhere to pay the bills, while secretly hoping to fulfil your true vocation? Many experts say that it can actually be advantageous to find the job of your dreams when you are already employed. […]

21 office personalities you’ll recognise – which one are you?

Every office has its “types”. Learning about the various people you might encounter in the typical workplace will give you a hidden advantage over others when it comes to dealing with the regular Joes and Janes you’ll meet when working nine to five. Recognise any of these? The loud talker Private phone call, noisy YouTube […]

7 ways to overcome your fear of face-to-face interviews

If your job search is going well, in most cases you will be called in for a face-to-face interview to further check your suitability for a role. Experts are now saying that “culture fit” along with the necessary skills and experience for the job, are amongst the most important factors that affect a candidate’s success […]

5 signs you need to quit your job today

Work is a fact of life – we all have to work, make money and build things. We get so few precious years of freedom. Where I live (in Sydney, Australia) the deal is that you work from age 18 to age 70 (our retirement age is currently set at 68 and is going up!). […]

Career Quiz: How to work out your life and career priorities and discover your passion

I went through a bit of a career change a while ago – and it was the best thing I had ever done. All of us have many skills and often we find ourselves falling into job roles we can do, but that we don’t enjoy for one reason or another. Work out your “working […]

5 core personality traits that will get you a job

When we think of “skills” for work, often we think only of those competencies we put on our resume: the core skills we’ve learned such as programs, platforms, diplomas and degrees. Often, we forget that we possess many different core skills, particularly those interpersonal skills that could land us the job of our dreams. What […]

Stuck in a dead end job? Career going nowhere? Here’s what to do!

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the fabulous publication, Australian Women Online. To read the full article, head to the link at the end of this text). The job market is tight and good jobs are getting more difficult to hold on to as companies frequently choose long probation periods to […]