3 Best Reader-Voted Locations For a Digital Marketing Seachange

3 Best reader-voted locations for a digital marketing seachange

Are you considering a digital marketing seachange? So, the husband and I have been thinking about making a digital marketing seachange. We’re both bloggers, millennials, and website owners – we’d love to be able to work in digital marketing without having to be tethered to one place. That’s our dream…maybe it’s your dream too? The […]

The 3 Things You Need to Know To Be Your Own Boss

The 3 things you need to know to be your own boss

Want to be your own boss? Many people these days want to be their own boss and in this digital age, it has never been so easy – yet being your own boss takes dedication and perseverance. Many millennials were taught from a young age that they could do whatever they wanted to do when […]

How to Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

How to fast track your way up the corporate ladder

Where are you on the corporate ladder? Are you up the top – or still climbing? Ask yourself a few questions – Are you happy at work? Are you fulfilled? Do you have a sense of purpose with your work? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? One of the reasons that many people […]

3 Characteristics You Need for a Business in the Health Industry

3 characteristics you need for a business in the health industry

Careers in the health industry are on the rise. Business Insider recently looked at the top 20 jobs in healthcare. There are many ways that you can run a business, or forge a career in health. Something you might consider is opening up your own company within the healthcare industry. This way you will enjoy […]

Career Change Ideas for People Who Are Very Focused

Career change ideas for people who are very focused

Are you very focused? When you are focused, this means that you are able to centre on something and keep that as your main basis for being. Focus can be a great thing for your career. Some people are blessed with the skill of being naturally focused. They can take on a task and know […]

How to Get a Job With No Experience

How to Get a Job With No Experience

Are you looking to get a job with no experience? This can be done. If you’ve just graduated from college or university; or you’re simply stepping out in the overwhelming job market for the first time, it can be difficult to know where to begin with regards to securing a future career for yourself. The […]

10 Unusual Ways to Earn Money as Writer

10 Unusual Ways to Earn Money as a Writer

Do you want to earn money as a writer? In reality, there are hundreds of ways to do it and here are just a few for you to think about. Most people who want to write for a living want to start out swinging by making millions from writing their debut novel, but the reality is […]

3 Top Ethical Jobs to Explore for a Career Change Later in Life

3 Top Ethical Jobs to Explore for a Career Change Later in Life

There are many ethical jobs out there for you to explore. Let’s face it, money is often not the main driving force behind career choices for a lot of people. Getting a higher wage is often not as important as doing something worthwhile. A generation ago, many people might have been content to spend their […]

5 Rewarding Career Changes for You to Consider

5 Rewarding career changes for you to consider

Have you been considering career changes lately? Career change statistics suggest that the average person will be making a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life, others say it could be up to 20 times. Deciding that you want to change careers can be incredibly daunting, especially if you don’t know what you […]

Getting a Promotion: How to Get Ahead in the Workplace

Getting a Promotion: How to Get Ahead in the Workplace

You’re ambitious, right? And getting a promotion should be on the top of your agenda. Let’s face it – it’s all too easy in this day and age to just sit back in the position you’re in at work and let the days roll by. You know your wage is going in at the end […]

How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job

How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job

Are you working in your dream job? When’s the last time you allowed yourself to “dream big”? Remember when you were a teenager – the world was yours to conquer. You knew that you were destined for greatness, right? So what changed? How did you allow your passions to take a side seat? The nine […]

deal with rude people at work

How to deal with rude people at work (especially if you’re a woman)

Do you want to know how to deal with rude people at work? I am always very nice to people at work and I every day I work on it – trying to be even nicer, calmer, better. This is partly because I am a nice person, but more due to the fact that I […]

shift work

Shift work: Why it’s So Hard & What You Can Do

Being a shift worker has its benefits; often the rates of pay can be rewarding, the hours often flexible and some workers love shift work as it allows them to spend more time with their children, family or partner. Working shifts is common to many professions, including retail, hospitality, media, health and security. According to […]

messy desk

Do you have a messy desk or a neat desk & which is better for getting work done?

Are you a neat person or a messy person? It’s usually the case that you fall into one of two categories. Personally, I can’t think clearly unless everything is in its place, and everything is neat an in order. I didn’t used to be like this. When I was a teenager I was quite happy […]