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Is everything going to be OK?

So, is everything going to be OK? Life can be super tough sometimes. Often, we feel like we’re just treading water and getting nowhere. Sometimes we feel like the world is against us and we ask ourselves, “Is everything going to be OK?”

The other week I found myself at the doctor, lying on my back on the examining table. This huge flood of emotion washed over me, and I struggled to keep it together. I wanted to cry, scream, run – my body got very hot and tingly all over and then clammy and cold.

I remembered to be present in the moment and to remember what this feels like. Nothing that happens in our lives matters at all. Nothing matters, not one jot. Nothing matters at all – except one thing – how you feel, registering the true feelings within your Being at that moment. When we return to the senses we acknowledge what is actually going on within us at the present moment.

When you return to the senses, you are in the present. I realised what I was really feeling, and it wasn’t what I thought. I was feeling fear. I had deep seated internal fear within me. I was scared. I was very scared. Initially I thought I was feeling humiliated, angry, and in actual pain. But when I tuned out the chatter in my mind and I returned to the senses, I found that I was scared – scared for my life.

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So, will everything be OK? It’s time to let go of fear, and embrace trust in your life.

Is everything going to be OK?

I knew then what I had to do, and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. There is only one cure for fear – and that cure is trust. When faced with fear, you must surrender to it and let it sweep over you. I had to imagine the worst and accept it. I had to let go, and let my higher Self in. I had to trust just that little bit more.

When we worry about this question, is everything going to be OK? we are actually feeling such strong emotions that a personal breakthrough might even be imminent.

Will everything be OK for you? Yes, I think it will.

There is a great post in the Huff Post that cuts to the chase of how we all feel. It says that when people are telling you: It will be fine. It will be okay. Everything will work out that this can be frustrating advice.

“…those words don’t help. Instead, they usually cut us on a level we didn’t know pleasant words of comfort had the ability to cut. Because even if it’s true that it will be okay… it’s not okay right now, and sometimes that’s all we can see and feel and hear. Sometimes that’s all we can register inside our weary bodies.”

When things go wrong in life, we wonder if everything will be OK. The challenges we go through are a part of our growth here on this Earthly plane. I believe that we desire many of these challenges to occur, so that we can forge a path within our own hearts to be able to learn and grow. Without challenges, we stagnate.

When things are going wrong and challenges appear – learn to trust

I know, I know, it’s hard. It’s so hard to let go and trust just that little bit more, right? Trust that everything you are going through now is happening (not just) for a reason – but because you subconsciously summoned it to yourself for a reason. You wanted these things to happen in your life, so you could learn and grow some more. These challenges are actually just gifts for you. Take them.

When you are asking yourself, “is everything going to be OK?” you are asking a brave and important question of the Self.

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Is everything going to be OK? It's time to let go of fear
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Is everything going to be OK? It's time to let go of fear
So, is everything going to be OK? Can you use these challenges you face to change your future? Let's explore the idea that you might be about to make a personal breakthrough.
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