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Dream of finding a hair in your food, what is the meaning?

Last night I had a dream where I found hair in my food and I knew that this was symbolic of something, so I have decided to do some personal spiritual examination of the dream meaning of finding hair in your food, and how this might relate to activities in your waking life. What does this symbol mean?

Let’s start with the emotions attached to this concept. Finding hair in your food is something ‘disgusting’, right? No one wants to find hair in their food, as this disrupts the eating process and makes us feel as though our food has been tainted; that it has been prepared by dirty hands. In real life, when we find hair in our food, it makes us feel as though someone else has left the hair there; it’s a foreign, unclean object that puts us off the process of nourishing ourselves in that moment – am I right?

Hunger, the act of eating and the symbolism of food in your dreams

We eat every day, multiple times a day, and this keeps us alive. Fasting is a spiritual sacrifice; for even skipping one or two meals is uncomfortable for a human being: We are weak and needy, like babies.

“If we go back to basics, hunger is a drive to satisfy our needs. To dream of eating may suggest that we are lacking in nutrition in waking life,” says dream interpreter Aunty Flo. When we eat food, we are aiming to nourish ourselves, and to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to continue on for another day. The act of eating is fuelling your physical body to undertake more spiritual tasks.

So – this hair in our food is a disruption to our normal physical duties. The hair in our food stops us in our tracks. The act of nourishing ourselves comes to an abrupt stop – this food is no good, this food is inedible. We recoil in horror at what we have been eating.

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Finding hair in your food is an unwanted surprise!

Can you really interpret my dreams for me?

Only you can interpret your dreams. Dream symbols scan be universal, or they can be particular to you and your circumstance. Dreaming of eating when you’re on a diet means one thing, and dreaming of food when you’ve gone to bed hungry might mean another thing. Hair is a universal symbol which you need to take your own feelings and emotions into. How does “hair” make you feel? Is it your “crowing glory”, something you are proud of, or does it cause you stress and worry for some reason?

We can investigate the meanings of these two dream symbols (Hair and Food) and look into what it really means to dream of finding hair in your food.

We sit to eat to heal and nourish ourselves, and the hair in our food makes us pause in shock and disgust

Dreaming of eating food can be a dream symbol that connects to how we are attempting to heal ourselves. “To be harmed by food in a dream, such as someone poisoning you is an indication that you are feeling blocked or stigmatised in your efforts in life,” says Aunty Flo.

Of course, a hair in your food will not poison you, but let’s look into this symbol more. Unlike poison which may have a bitter taste, you may not know that there is hair in your food or mouth until it is too late – until it’s already in your mouth!

We can tend to feel “affronted” when we find a hair. It symbolises that the cook has been lazy, or the waiter has not been careful, or that the restaurant is dirty. So – we are trying to nourish ourselves in the best way we can – and yet here is someone unintentionally or intentionally stopping us from doing that – because of carelessness, or because they are just not that good for us, and can’t provide us with the service we need.

Finding a hair in your food tells you to stop eating.

What you are doing now in trying to nourish yourself – is not going to happen. You are not in the right restaurant and you cannot continue to eat this dish. In fact, this dish you ordered may not even be for you. The universe wants us to pause from your nourishment, and find a better dish to eat, or to find a better restaurant to eat it at. Perhaps dreaming of finding a hair in your food is about trust. You thought you could trust this dish, this restaurant, this chef, this waiter – but you can’t. The dish they have provided is not edible.

A hair found in food is an obstacle

So, here you have an unexpected obstacle to your attempt to nourish yourself. This obstacle has not come from you; this obstacle has been left there, mistakenly, by someone else. This is an unexpected surprise, and one that you seem to not like.

What has happened in your waking life to make you dream this way?

What does hair in a dream symbolise?

I have often found myself dreaming about teeth and hair as signs of good health, beauty, vanity, youth and attractiveness.

For both men and women, a good head of hair symbolises youth and vitality. As we age, our hair thins and even falls out, demonstrating to the world that we are not young anymore. Our hair and teeth “betray” us – they cannot be fixed or replaced once they fall out, at least, not permanently. So we become very attached to them.

When we dream that our hair or teeth are falling out, this can sometimes be a lesson on how we feel others perceive us, particularly our youthful vitality.

LATE ADDITION: After some meditation, I have also come to see some symbology around “women being too afraid to speak out”. This may, or may not, be a symbol for you when you dream of finding a hair in your food. We go to talk, to speak out, and yet something is tangled in our mouth, preventing us from speaking. It is one of our own hairs, betraying us.

The symbols of hair and food

So, with food, we see nourishment, and with hair we see our youth and beauty. With hair being in food, we see an unexpected disruption to the nourishment process.

What does it mean to dream of hair in my food?

You may have to halt your spiritual pursuits for a time as they are disrupted by unexpected surprises. Even though you are hungry, and need nourishment, now is not the time to continue eating.

What you planned to nourish yourself with is inedible, at this time. Pause from your activity and try a different path.

Does this dream symbol resonate with you? Please share your dream stories and ideas in the comments below.

Dream of finding a hair in your food | Dream meaning of hair in food
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Dream of finding a hair in your food | Dream meaning of hair in food
A dream of finding a hair in your food tells you to look at themes in your waking like about disruption, nourishment, youthfulness and surprise.
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