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Your lip fillers look terrible: An argument against lip augmentation

I am sorry, but someone has to say it: your lip fillers look terrible. Why, oh why have you gone and filled your lips up with chemicals? Your lips are a functional part of your body. You use them all day, every day; to talk, eat, breathe, make facial expressions – and how are you supposed to do that with those awful lips?

I am 100% against unnecessary surgeries and I do not think people should be encouraged to get them done. I do not hate people who have had cosmetic surgeries, but I hate the ideology of cosmetic surgery and I do not think it should be normalised or encouraged.

One of the less permanent types of surgeries people are getting now is lip filler. When I typed “lip filler” into my browser just then, I returned 53,700,000 results within 0.71 of a second. And none of the first page results were telling me what this stuff is, or what is does, in a critical article. No, the first few pages of results were all places selling me “lip filler” in my local area.

For just $389 or just $9.90 per unit, I can get lip filler. But why the hell would I want to and what the hell is this stuff? I am a forty year old woman – can you guarantee that this will make me more beautiful? I am a twenty five year old woman – can you guarantee that this will make me more beautiful? Why are my real lips so ‘wrong’?

blonde woman on beach with red lips
Many people prefer the natural look when it comes to lips: what do you prefer?

There is nothing wrong with your natural lips

Your natural lips are functional, beautiful things. Do not mess with them! I see women here at work with their lips done and honestly, they look really strange without makeup on. Their lips look hard and uncomfortable. This is my personal opinion, and some studies suggest that men feel the same way, “For me, it’s a bit of a turn off because it shows the girl is insecure about her looks and I like girls to be confident about themselves as they are,” says one of the men surveyed about whether lip fillers are sexy.

How many people get lip filler these days?

Millions, and millions and millions. “According to the Population Reference Bureau report, the number of Americans getting lip fillers is projected to double from 46 million today to over 98 million by 2060.”

When I was a teenager 20 years ago we didn’t get surgery. The only teens who considered boob jobs and nose jobs were “Hollywood teens” on shows like Beverly Hills 90210. Average students did not worry themselves with chopping up their faces. Yes, we did do stupid things like pierce our bellybuttons, get tattoos and get eyelash extensions – but no one I knew coveted the idea of chopping up their bodies – even though we were just as unconfident and hung-up on our perceived flaws as this modern generation. But your natural lips look great, it’s just that your lip fillers look terrible!

I mean, look what one young lad has done to his lips. Reality TV star Jack Vidgen has added lip filler to the point where people are thinking he has gone crazy. He’s a young man – what’s he thinking? The world has gone mad.

What is lip filler?

Well, it’s hard to say as there are many types of chemicals that are added to lips to “augment” them. WebMD says that most lip fillers are linked to hydraulic acid, which naturally occurs in the body. Of course, things can and do go wrong all the time, including infections, allergic reactions, over clumping, trout pout, duck face, bruising, pain, tissue damage and more.

What do men think about lip fillers?

As I have mentioned, many men are now getting their own surgical enhancements done, and I am not a fan of this either. Check out my post Do men like women with plastic surgery? and you can see that there are many studies to show that most men prefer the natural look.

Of course, the natural look goes in an out of fashion itself. When I was a teen, grunge was in. No makeup, dreadlocks and messy op-shop clothes were what you should wear to be cool – now it’s the exact opposite: you must have tattooed brows, eyelash extensions, fake tan and hair extensions to make the grade. It all looks like quite a lot of effort to me. Ladies, relax. Young people today need to be told your lip fillers look terrible.

Lip fillers will not help your low self esteem

What are you crazy? Cosmetic surgery never helped with anyone’s confidence, despite what they tell you. Cosmetic surgery just leads to more insecurities, and more surgery down the line. Even if you just have one surgery, it will lead to more, as surgeries need revisions, sometimes multiple revisions. It’s not just me who thinks your lip fillers look terrible.

Everyone thinks your lip fillers look terrible

Here, a mother speaks of her dismay about her teenage daughter’s big lips:

She skulked in her room while her sister acted as advocate, telling me what Lucy had done, pleading with me not to be angry…. I don’t normally insult my kids, but that day I told Lucy she looked like a trout.

“She must have low self-esteem,” my appalled husband said later, but without any conviction. After all, this is a girl who walks naked into the TV room, looking for someone to slather fake tan on her back.

“That’s not it,” I snapped. “It’s that her generation sees this kind of thing as routine, like colouring their hair.”

Don’t hate on me and my normal lips

Honestly, do whatever you want to do – it’s your body. Just remember that your body is a gift on loan from the universe – you will not be able to take it with you, it will always remain here on earth, with all the modifications it was forced to have made.

This life will throw so many physical things at you. You will get burns, and scars, and bruises. You might get broken bones and diseases. You might have to push a baby out of your vagina and you might have to have one of your testicles removed – you just don’t know what your physical future holds.

So be gentle with your beautiful, perfect body. Stop messing around with it and come to love all the parts of it. Read What makes someone attractive? Social media, vanity & insecurities and tell me your opinions in the comments below.

If you have used lip filler and I have insulted you – well, you probably needed to hear it. Clap back in the comments below.

Your lip fillers look terrible: An argument against lip augmentation
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Your lip fillers look terrible: An argument against lip augmentation
I’m sorry, but the truth will hurt: your lip fillers look terrible. Here’s why you need to ditch the lip augmentation chemicals and go for the natural look.
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