What is the hottest age for a man?

So, what is the hottest age for a man? Let me start out by telling you that it’s not your age or looks that makes you hot. What makes someone attractive is their energy: their spirit, their intelligence, their kindness and emotional strength. However, I have found that many people land on my blog looking for answers to the question, “what is the hottest age for a man?” so I thought I should look into what the experts say, and what science has uncovered on the subject.

Just so you know, I am not singling men out and I have a post called What is the Most Attractive Age For Men and For Women? where I delve into the subject quite deeply. I also have a post that’s dear to my heart called Do women really find older men attractive? where I discuss whether younger women really do find older guys sexy. Personally, I have dated plenty of older men, as in, 20-25+ years older than me, and I loved it. Most of the older guys I dated were attractive, young at heart, fun, mature and intelligent. In most cases, they were not any wealthier than the younger guys I knew, but I have dated a few rich older guys as well. Which was fun, I have to admit.

The Boyf (who is now my husband) is actually younger than me, and I hate it. We met on a dating site and my profile said, “no younger guys” but I went on a date with him anyway. He used to rib me about my age, until I told him to knock it off – and let him know that I did NOT find his jokes about my age funny at all.

What is the hottest age for a man?


People tend to date aspirationally, according to The Atlantic, and look for a partner who is 25% hotter than they are, according to studies. Personally, I don’t do this. I never went for “pretty boys” and didn’t like men who primped and preened, preferring the “real man” type, who didn’t care about his lips, muscles or hair.

But what the study really uncovered was the fact that persistence pays off when dating. It was those people who tried again and again who found the successful coupling – a well-matched mate. “[The study] found that—insofar as dating ‘leagues’ are not different tiers of hotness, but a single ascending hierarchy of desirability.”

But as far as dating ‘leagues’ go, “people do not seem universally locked into them—and they can occasionally find success escaping from theirs.” The takeaway is that you should not limit your dating pool potential according to how you perceive your own hotness – branch out and be persistent, and see what pays off.

Does science have an opinion on male hotness?

A study on male attractiveness had some surprising results. “Researchers determined that while men’s sexual desirability peaks at age 50, women’s starts high at 18 and falls from there.” Well, that’s pretty good news for older guys right there, but do we honestly believe it? If you had to name the most attractive male movie stars in 2019 you’d probably say Chris Hemsworth (age 35) or Zac Efron (age 31).

However, you could say that there are also many older movie stars like Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise who are well into their 50s, and still regarded as extremely attractive. In fact, a very large, recent study polled nearly 3800 straight men and concluded that women often prefer older men. Another surprising finding was that “as the women became more financially independent, they said they liked older guys even more”.

What do women think about younger men?

Apparently, there are also findings that older, successful and independent women go for younger guys now – and why shouldn’t they? Psychology Today says, “Many women who have reached an above-average level of success in their careers grew up in a time when there weren’t that many women in positions of great leadership or authority.” And this means that they are doing things and dating people that their foremothers could not. This is good news for younger men, who are not as threatened by female power as men of previous generations were.

“Today’s younger men have had the opportunity to grow up seeing these powerful women – it’s been a more regular part of their experience in everyday life. Because many women work full-time and raise families it enables men who have grown up with this norm to feel less threatened by female success.

What do randoms on the internet have to say about the hottest age for a man?

One woman I found says she found men her own age (40) too old fashioned and boring, preferring to date guys who were 8 or more years younger. “When I was 40, most men my age or older who were free to pursue a romantic relationship seemed too set in their ways,” she says.

Another internet random says that she just ‘accidentally’ seems to find herself attracted to younger men. “I don’t really seek out younger men on the basis of them being younger men. It’s just that most of the men I’ve canoodled with have been at least 5 years younger than me. At least. That’s just what happened.”

One commenter liked dating older guys but saw a significant downside. “The downside to marrying an older man is that he may be divorced and financially crippled from his previous marriage and child support,” she points out.

Some women prefer sex with older guys, too. “The ones that were significantly older (10/20+ years) than me were generally better in bed (due to more aggregate years of sexing). So that was sex, but relationship-wise there was no huge difference.” I think the key takeaway here is that there are women who like older men, and women who like younger men – and there is no “hottest age for a man”, really. It’s just down to personal preference.

Its not your age that’s relevant – it might be your age ‘difference’

Women don’t seem to find a particular age of man the hottest, although “hottest male actor/singer/movie star” articles seem to be heavily weighted to men in their late 30s and early 40s, which some people might fins surprising.

What seems to be more relevant for dating is your age “difference”. By this, I mean, how disparate your ages are. Have a look at my post Not all a bed of roses: the unique challenges of age-gap relationships.

According to a 2014 study from Emory University, couples with a 1 year age difference have only a 3% chance of getting divorced, however, “when you bump the age gap up to 5 years, the chance of divorce goes up to 18%.”

When do you think men reach their peak? Tell me in the comments below!

What is the hottest age for a man?
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What is the hottest age for a man?
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