Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup

Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup

The miso soup diet could be the key to helping you finally get in control of your excess weight. Miso soup is a salty, fermented Japanese dish that can be incorporated into most diets easily and can provide you with a simple way to lose weight with miso. It’s actually quite easy, and something that’s worth a try.

It works because miso soup is very filling, and low in calories, so you can use it as a snack, or a meal replacement. It’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and is also usually gluten free. According to Livestrong, “White and black miso paste may contain the gluten-free grains, while yellow and red miso paste are usually made with barley.” For peace of mind, do your own research.

How do I make miso soup?

Lucky for you, I have a post for you to check out. Here’s a basic miso soup recipe, and to recap: It’s often white, black, dark brown or even red and it’s made by fermenting soybeans with salt with Aspergillus oryzae fungus. On occasion, rice, barley, or other ingredients are added. You might find a mix of soybeans, barley, rice, millet or buckwheat.

Miso soup packets, powders or pastes are also available in most Asian grocers. The paste has the texture of tomato paste or smooth peanut butter. Simply dissolve a teaspoon in a cup and a half of boiling water, and add anything you like: dried seaweed, tofu, chicken, prawns, vegetables, brown rice – you name it.

Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup
Miso soup packets are available at most Asian grocers

Will I lose weight on the miso soup diet?

Check out my post Can You Drink Miso Soup to Lose Weight Like Peaches Geldof Did? for a more thorough discussion on this topic. I am not a nutritionist, just a regular dieter like you who loves to try different eating methods. I even love fasting, and miso soup is a great supplement to a very low calorie diet.

The key to losing weight is to eat less than you currently are. If you are gaining weight, or if your weight is stuck or stable, then you are exceeding or meeting your calorie needs. To begin to lose weight, you need to cut some calories, and take in fewer calories and less energy. Miso soup can help you with this process.

How do I lose weight with the miso soup diet?

Check out my article Lose weight with miso 10 ways for a few tips on creative ways to get miso into your everyday diet. But to cut to the chase, the way to lose weight with the miso soup diet is to use it to curb your appetite naturally, and to use it as a snack or a meal replacement to cut further calories, in a healthy and natural way.

Please note: every human body has a basal metabolic rate. This is the rate of energy/calories that your body needs for its organs to function, and for you to remain alive. A human body that takes in too few calories over an extended period of time will eventually get sick and die. You need to know your calorie needs, and this includes knowing your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and BMI (Body Mass Index).

If you are gaining weight, you are probably taking in too many calories. My suggestion to you is to focus on eating only three meals a day, including a solid and hearty breakfast, and skipping snacks during the day. Instead of snacking – drink miso soup instead and cut your snack-calorie consumption from hundreds to dozens of calories. The miso soup diet can be a great way to try this.

Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup

Sample miso soup diet

OK, let’s cut to the chase, and break down exactly what you need to eat to lose weight with the miso soup diet. Again, I am not a nutritionist, so please be sensible and do your own research. Miso soup can be made in many different ways, so you shouldn’t get bored of it if you do your research correctly, and you prepare yourself well.


Miso soup is an ideal breakfast food and in Japan, people regularly eat miso soup for breakfast. If you can’t eat breakfast in the morning, miso soup could be a terrific thing to try.

  • Use 2 tsp white miso paste
  • 1 ½ cups boiling water
  • Firm tofu cubes
  • Fresh mushroom slices
  • Shallots, spring onions or scallions

If you can’t face miso soup for breakfast, then stick to oats, porridge or fruit and yoghurt in small portions. Here are 15 vegan breakfasts to try.


By 10:30 many people are reaching for the cookie jar, right? This always happened to me when working in an office, but it can be avoided. Buy some miso soup packets like the ones pictured above. You can get these from Asian supermarkets and they only cost a few dollars and come in many varieties. Check the back of the packet – but many only contain 20-40 calories per serve.


  • Have whatever you like for lunch, but focus on:
  • 33% vegetables (dark, leafy greens are the best)
  • 33% protein (tofu, salmon, egg, chicken or beef)
  • 33% wholegrains or starches (brown rice, steamed potatoes etc.)

Keep your portions small, and aim to eat only a quarter to a third of your daily calorie allowance here. Work out your calorie needs based on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and go from there.


  • Have another one or two of your instant miso soup packets.
  • Add some fresh seaweed sheets (nori) torn up
  • And some cut up vegetable sticks

…and I guarantee you won’t be hungry for a couple of hours. Try the miso soup diet for just one week.


No, you don’t have to eat miso soup again for dinner if you don’t want to. Have veggies, grains/starches and protein as an option, but if you want to really follow the miso soup diet then now is the time to indulge in some homemade miso soup. Here’s how.

  • 2 tablespoons red miso paste
  • 1 cup of cooked brown rice
  • ½ a cup cooked, shredded chicken OR firm, crumbled or cubed tofu
  • 2 x torn up nori sheets
  • Sliced shallots, spring onions or scallions
  • Dried, fried onion (available from Asian supermarkets or make your own dried fried onion)


Ok, it’s time for dessert. You can have up to 150 calories here, as a guide. Some examples of sensible desserts are:

  • Agar agar jelly (vegan) with berries
  • Greek yoghurt
  • A baked apple with maple syrup (vegan) or honey
  • Low fat ice cream
  • Apple crumble (small portion)
  • A glass of dessert wine (hey, you deserve it!)

Lose weight with the miso soup diet

Remember that you are beautiful just as you are, and that your value isn’t ascribed to what you see on the scales. Read my post To Weigh Every Day or Not? My Love/Hate Relationship with the Scale. However, looking and feeling your best is made easier when your body is at a healthy weight. Life is just a bit more simple. The miso soup diet is worth a try.

Forget expensive diet plans like Weight Watchers and Optifast. You can lose weight with miso, and it’s safe, healthy and natural. A word of caution: Miso soup contains a lot of sodium. Personally, I don’t believe that sodium or salt causes health problems, and many doctors agree with me that the health risks of sodium are overblown. However, if your doctor has told you to avoid or limit salt – listen to them and don’t take the risk.

Have you lost weight with miso soup? Tell me in the comments below!

Photo credits: Adrian Engel (homemade miso) via Twitter and Koonel (miso soup) via Instagram

Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup
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Miso soup diet | Lose weight with miso soup
Losing weight with the miso soup diet is safe, cheap and effective. Get a basic miso soup recipe and learn about this Japanese superfood.
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