Remote Work: Could You Do Your Job From Anywhere In The World?

Remote work: could you do your job from anywhere in the world?

Remote work is the dream of many, including my husband and me. I have been thinking about whether I could do my job from anywhere in the world, and the answer for me is probably “yes”. But there are lots of things to consider first.

Our dream is pretty simple – we want to own and run businesses that we can do from anywhere in the world; starting websites that can sustain us to work anywhere we like. We figure if we can earn a certain amount together per month, that we could live in places like Bali, Slovenia, Darwin, Wales, Sydney, Saigon – wherever the wind takes us. Have a look at my post on Unusual Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home (Or Anywhere!) to get started.

Remote work is becoming more common

I have seen this company Remote Year online, advertising to me, and while I am not really sure about this particular company, there are many businesses doing similar things. Basically, you live, work and travel with a bunch of people who all have their own businesses and jobs, and you live and work in places that have stable wifi – enabling you to get your work done, while enjoying the local culture.

What sort of jobs can I do as remote work?

There are literally thousands of jobs you can do remotely, and many of us already work from home, or telecommute for our jobs anyway. Some people have managed to appeal to their boss to work remotely for 6 months or more, and have this written into their contracts. It really can work for some people.

There are so many digital jobs online now. If you have writing, graphic, development, planning or strategic skills, then you can freelance for many types of businesses. Check out my article 7 ways to build a second income through freelancing for a few more ideas.

What are some of the downsides to working remotely?

There are some potential downsides, but they can be dealt with and planned for. For example, there may be restrictions when you travel, as you need to secure the right kind of visa for work – you generally cannot just show up to a country on a tourist visa and work, and you could be deported for having the wrong papers – so make sure you check this out and do the right thing.

There may be tax implications for you back home, and also in the country where you are earning income. If you don’t properly declare your income, you can also find yourself in strife.

Think too of your retirement. Yes, it may seem a long way off now, but where I live, in Sydney, Australia, we have a mandatory superannuation scheme, which means Australian employers have to put at least 9.5% of the income they pay you into a super fund, for your retirement. If you are self-employed, you have to do this yourself, or you’ll find yourself at the end of your working life with no cash to live on. Read my post on The Hidden Challenges of Freelancing and How To Overcome Them for some tips.

Find cool places to do your job from anywhere in the world

Remote Work: Could You Do Your Job From Anywhere In The World?
You might meet like-minded people in a coworking office

If you do choose to work remotely, then you need to think about where you are going to work. Let’s look at one of the most popular destinations for travel, for a start: London. You could choose to work in converted warehouses, train stations and even pubs. There are quite a few coworking spaces you could trial, and you might even get lucky and find yourself working alongside like-minded, creative types who can give you advice on the city.

Where I live, in Sydney, there are many professional companies offering remote work options. Check out this guide to finding a cool coworking spot. Prices vary quite a bit dependent on what you need, and how often you plan to use the coworking space.

The Boyf and I are about to head to Bali, a place that we absolutely love. Bali (and Indonesia in general) can be quite wild and wooly, but the people there are amazing, kind and happy. There are just so many options out there.

Should I be a digital nomad?

Many people dream of casting off the shackles of a regular nine to five job, and doing their own thing. It’s important to do your research, and to really consider factors from every angle before you take the leap.

The tides are definitely turning, and more and more people are now able to do remote work and their jobs from anywhere in the world. Make sure you have a well established business, and take the leap. I have been following Freelee The Banana Girl, who is now basically living in the jungle, living off fruit, with her sexy partner, and doing her own thing. She makes videos, takes photos and writes blogs – basically living the dream. If she can do it – couldn’t you?

According to She lives in the tropical oasis with her partner and says her alternative lifestyle saves her thousands of dollars (“I’m not buying make-up, shavers, beauty treatments, jewellery, heels, and unnecessary fashion”) and brings her a kind of peace that she could never achieve in the “9-5 grind”.

Tell me your “digital nomad” dream below – what’s your plan of attack?

Remote Work: Could You Do Your Job From Anywhere In The World?
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Remote Work: Could You Do Your Job From Anywhere In The World?
Remote work and being able to do your job from anywhere in the world is many people’s dream. What should you consider about this lifestyle move?
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