5 Unmistakable Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

5 Unmistakable signs you’re in the wrong job

There are definitely many signs you’re in the wrong job to look out for – but what exactly are they? I am well into my career now, meaning that I have had a couple of decades in the workforce and I have worked for many different employers; some more successfully than others.

If you regularly read this blog, you might know that I used to work in radio. The worst job I ever did, was work for a popular radio station in Sydney, which was known as a ‘boys’ club’. It was so hard, and I hated going into work every day.

There comes a time in people’s lives when they need to complete a reality check and find out whether the values and personal mission they had are still valid today. In most cases, if you don’t feel satisfied with your current career, you will feel angry and restless, and see no way out. However, there are plenty of options ahead of you.

Remember that there’s no such thing any more as a career for life. “Today, the average person changes jobs ten to 15 times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career,” says researcher Alison Doyle. It’s good news for you  – if you think you might see some signs you’re in the wrong job.

Signs you’re in the wrong job: what are they?

Remember, you are free to become whatever you want to become in life. Here a few signs you’re in the wrong job (and heading for potential career burnout) to help you initiate a change in your professional life.

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re In The Wrong Job

#1: You dread Mondays with a passion

If you feel depressed when you think about going back to work after the weekend, and you simply don’t feel motivated to carry on, chances are that you have a toxic relationship with work. You might not like the job, or see no way forward in your career progression.

You might not share the values of the organisation, or get on with your colleagues. If you feel like you are wasted in your job, you will have to do something about it. Many people report feeling very anxious on Sundays, knowing that they will soon have to return to work. In fact, 62% of people report some anxiety. Read this excellent Headspace article to find out what a normal level of Sunday anxiety is.

#2: You feel highly stressed and don’t want to deal with your colleagues

Personally, I am not a huge fan of socialising with my colleagues, particularly as I get older. It seems this is normal; a survey of about 1200 people showed that less than a third (31%) wanted to spend more time socialising with colleagues.

Human behaviour expert Dr John Demartini said in this News publication article, that,“(Work) friends can assist or hinder productivity based on the respect or more casual feelings between the individuals.”

If you struggle all day to survive and keep on checking the time, you might develop mental health issues and feel uneasy communicating with people. If you don’t feel like your employer is a hundred percent behind you and supports you to do your job to the best of your abilities, you will need to change. If you feel unsafe and underappreciated, your work environment might even damage your health long term. This is one of the big signs you’re in the wrong job

#3: You are anxious at work

Is anxiety on the rise? Yes, according to Psychology today. Anxiety and depression have increased substantially over the past 5 years or so. But what’s the cause? According to author Jean Twenge, “The dominant driver of these effects is social comparison. Social comparison speaks to the fact that we are happy or not based both on how our lives are going as well as on how we think the lives of others are going.”

If you become a different person once you enter the office or the workplace and notice anxiety creeping in momentarily, you might need to look for the reasons for this. You might not be ready for the challenge ahead. Alternatively, you are doing a higher level job than you are trained to do, or your employer is not paying attention to your training needs.

#4: You are bored as batsh*t

Excuse the popular (and rude Australian saying) but very often we find ourselves bored on the job. Luckily for me, I am not bored in my current job, nor my previous job, but I have had a couple of roles where I really felt bored, had no idea what I was really there to achieve, and felt like my role was completely pointless. It’s depressing!

If you don’t get the challenges and growth opportunities at work, you are more likely to burn out. Deep inside you might know that you could do more, but you are not given the chance or the support. Maybe you are being let down every time you apply for a promotion, and this makes your attitude towards your job change for the worse.

#5: You’re constantly dreaming about new and better opportunities

I now work in the online education sector, and I can say that education really does change people’s lives. These days it’s not school leavers that do the most study, but adults, career changers, new parents and mature age students. Life is too short to let your passions go unrealised.

If you are always on the internet looking for new opportunities, or are checking out courses that can help you change your career path, the only thing that might be holding you back from change is fear. Address the issue and avoid procrastination, considering your options carefully.

Don’t be afraid, change careers!

If your relationship with your work is not as you expected, it might be time to make a change. Check out my posts on How to “Dream Big” and get the experience to land your dream job and How to Create a SWOT Analysis for the New Year for a few ideas on how to get your planning started.

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re In The Wrong Job
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5 Unmistakable Signs You’re In The Wrong Job
There are definitely many signs you’re in the wrong job – but what exactly are they? From anxiety to dreading Mondays, here’s what to look out for.
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