4 New Bicycle Trends That Are Taking Riders By Storm

4 New bicycle trends that are taking riders by storm

I have become a little bit excited about some bicycle trends at the moment. Where I live, in the Inner West of Sydney, cycling is so popular. It’s healthy, low cost, saves people money, and has so many advantages for the environment. Cycling is also a great way to get to know your city.

Cycling is becoming fun and easy with the increased number of innovations in the activity. Over the years, manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of innovative bicycle trends to keep up with the competition. What are some bicycle trends you can look forward to?

What are some hot, new bicycle trends?

Technology influence has also created opportunities for growth to improve cyclists’ experience. Different designs have been introduced for both urban mobility and sporty cycling. You get to choose a design that suits your preference, budget, and comfort. Here are a few trends that you should not miss out for a better cycling experience.

4 New Bicycle Trends That Are Taking Riders By Storm

#1: Customised bikes

Felt bikes not only have a broad collection but also can create your dream bike. How is that possible? The bikes available in the market vary in design, flexibility, technology, and accessories. It is possible to feel that you need a better provision even after buying the best bicycle in the market. Using innovative technology used by online and stationery manufacturers, you can get a custom-made bike to suit your needs.

It is the perfect fit when you get the best dealer to curate your idea. Most companies offering customised bikes have several policies and technology approaches that guarantee usability, quality, and great customer experience. The use of a body scan is often used to determine the best frame size and sitting position depending on the user’s body type.

#2: Disc brakes

This is a common feature in the most recent bicycle innovations. You will probably see it several times if you read bicycle reviews. What is so unique about this feature? High-end companies are using this feature to enhance customer experience. It makes cycling easy through the application of hydraulic fluid in the system to balance the friction between the rotor and pad materials. The fluid also has natural elements that transfer lever force without producing excessive heat. It helps prevent a tire bust or wearing out of the rim.

#3: Electric technical innovation

An electric bicycle is considered cheap and environment-friendly. The fuel prices fluctuate unpredictably. This has led to innovations of a better and cheaper option such as the e-bike. Some cyclists were a bit reluctant about these models in the beginning, but the trend has shifted. It has become a unique and user-friendly option for racing bikes.

You can also transform your traditional bike model to the electric one using a kit. You can seek help from a professional if you find it difficult to install. It is a smooth and effortless ride experience that every cyclist deserves.

#4: Wide tires

Wide tires are the new thing exciting most of the cyclists towards 2020. They provide more room for your bike to contact the ground providing traction. Bicycles with wide tires are capable of getting through any terrain with ease.

You do not have to worry about slipping on a wet terrain with these tires. It is a good quality of enhancing longevity with minimal repairs and maintenance. Similar to the manufacturers adjusting their models to fit this trend, you should also consider getting a pair of wide tires. The widths vary among models providing you with a wide choice.

4 New Bicycle Trends That Are Taking Riders By Storm
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4 New Bicycle Trends That Are Taking Riders By Storm
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