Optimising Your Career in Content Writing & Content Strategy

Optimising your career in content writing & content strategy

A career in content writing has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I began my career as a broadcast copywriter, writing radio ads. I transitioned into copywriting for various big brands, and now work as a Content Strategist, managing and coaching other writers and content producers – does this sound like the sort of career you’d love?

With the introduction of the internet, writing jobs have exploded, with more people working as career writers than ever before. There are tens of millions of websites on the Internet, and each of them needs regular content, meaning that writers are in incredibly high demand. As well as working part-time for a reputable Australian company, I also freelance for several SEO agencies, and I have a wide range of other clients as well, who employ me to coordinate and advise on content needs, manage other writers and writing projects and consult on best practice SEO. I really love the work I do.

Optimising Your Career in Content Writing & Content Strategy

Freelancing, telecommuting, working from home and remote working

Over the last few years, remote working has become increasingly common. Rather than being arbitrarily forced to come into an office, writers and content strategists can work from the comfort of their own home where they can enjoy a higher quality of life and spend time with their family. As a result, more people than ever are interested in becoming freelance, agency and staff writers.

Do writers really earn enough to live, though?

Once you learn about the lifestyle benefits of being a writer, it’s understandable that so many would be interested in jumping ship and joining the growing number of professional writers. Not only can you enjoy a fantastic quality of life, but the pay can also be competitive when compared to the average salaries across countries like Australia, America, and the UK. One of the challenges is getting a good amount of clients on your books.

Like any job, writers are expected to work hard and fast, meeting strict deadlines and working with stringent editors who won’t settle for anything less than perfection. Small-time clients can be demanding, and managing the basics of a business such as tax implications, cash flow and invoicing can be a challenge.

Hone your writing style to get the jobs you want

Consider the benefits of writing in a niche. According to Vincent D’Eletto Jr who is the founder of WordAgents, a writing agency based out of NYC, the most important things are choosing the right style of writing and the perfect employer. Those who work on time-sensitive pieces like journalism or online magazines will never get to work at a slower, family conducive pace.

On the other hand, those who write for company blogs producing evergreen content (articles which are still relevant years from now) typically have a higher quality of life. WordAgents primarily serve these types of companies, handling writing for their blogs and therefore allowing them to focus on running their business instead of worrying about their digital marketing.

A career in content writing is achievable

It really is, but it’s a good idea to build up a body of work first, so that you can approach freelance customers with confidence. Here are some blog posts of mine you may find useful.

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Set your goals in content writing today

But the dream of working from home and enjoying a quality lifestyle while earning a livable wage isn’t a myth; it just requires you to alter your goals and aspirations. You’re never going to live the ideal life of a writer if you work in journalism or for a fast-paced online magazine. Instead, freelance writers, ghostwriters, freelance editors and technical writers are the ones who enjoy the far greater freedom and control over their time.

Optimising Your Career in Content Writing & Content Strategy
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Optimising Your Career in Content Writing & Content Strategy
Are you looking to ignite a career in content writing? Here are some essential things you’ll need to consider before you begin freelancing.
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