Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The Career For Your Personality Type

Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The career for your personality type

Finding a career for your personality type is something to consider. Your inherent personality can really affect what type of job you’ll be successful in. There are many types of careers out there, and many personality tests. The Myers-Briggs testing system is very well known, as has been used to assess personality types for decades. It can also be useful to help you discover what type of career you’ll be successful in. One of my favourite bloggers Penelope Trunk writes a lot about personality types on her website, and also offers courses you can do.

I found an interesting personality type assessment online. This simplified things, and provided just 4 possible types: The Competitive Personality, the Spontaneous Personality, the Humanistic Personality, and the Methodical Personality.

I urge you to read their excellent article How to Sell to Everyone: The 4 Personality Types for more information on the personality types (as well as examples and character traits) but a short summary appears below.

Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The Career For Your Personality Type

The Methodical Personality: Civil engineer

Methodical personalities are “data people” – they like to have all the facts before making a decisions, and then they will act accordingly. Finding work as a civil or other type of engineer would be a suitable occupation for this personality type.

According to Job Outlook: Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians assist in civil engineering research, design, construction, operations and maintenance. There are all sorts of engineers in society – they design, build, and maintain engines, machines, and various other structures.

The expected salary that comes with a engineering positions depends on your focus, but most salaries are above average. Roles might range from a mechanical engineering tech (who will earn around $55,470 USD a year) to a nuclear engineer (whose average wage comes in at $104,630 USD per annum). The good news is that an online course can help you to achieve one of these roles!

The Competitive Personality: Web developer

Competitive personalities love the thrill they get from beating others and being the “best in class”. They want to be seen as leaders and thrive in busy environments. Finding work as a web developer might be a great option for people with this personality type.

This is a growth industry in almost all markets, and people who have skills in web development will continue to be in demand. Job Outlook says that web developers create computer animation, audio, video and graphic image files for multimedia presentations, games, motion pictures, and the web. They also plan, produce and maintain websites and web applications using web programming, scripting etc.

As a web developer, it’s difficult to gather data on salary expectations, but you might make between $76,000 USD and $104,000 USD, according to DWUser.

The Spontaneous Personality: Ethical hacker

Also known as the B-Type personality, these people don’t care “much about competition; we love that exciting feeling we get when we do something interesting.” These people are creative and enthusiastic, and love to “dive deep” into issues. Therefore a career as an ethical hacker would suit.

Now, we used to associate “hacking” will illegal or illicit activity. But if you have a talent for numbers and code, there are legitimate hacking positions out there, and an ethical hacker can look to take home an annual salary of up to $96,040 USD – which is pretty good!

You will generally be employed by companies to attempt to hack into their software, evaluating its security and highlighting weak areas that they need to improve upon. Ethical hacking degrees are relatively new, but there are plenty out there and they open the doors to this field of work.

The Humanistic Personality: Pharmacist

People who display the Humanistic Personality “care intensely about the people around them and continually put others’ needs ahead of their own.” They like to work in ethical roles, for ethical employers. A career as a pharmacist might be a great move for them.

Pharmacists ensure safe and quality use of medicines, and optimise health outcomes by contributing to selecting, prescribing, monitoring and evaluating medicine therapy, and researching, testing and developing pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Full time pharmacists generally earn around $1000 USD per week, or $52,000 USD per year  Considering they dispense medications and can counsel individuals on their health conditions, this is an interesting and fulfilling career path to consider.

Get into the right career for your personality type

These are just a few different well-paid positions that you might want to take into consideration. Sure, you will have to undertake a relatively lengthy course to qualify yourself, but the hard work, effort, and time dedicated to the cause will ultimately pay off.

Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The Career For Your Personality Type
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Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic or Methodical? The Career For Your Personality Type
If you are looking to find a career for your personality type, decide whether you’re competitive, spontaneous, humanistic or methodical.
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