5 Best Jobs That Are Not in An Office

5 best jobs that are not in an office

Like working, but not in an office? Having a full-time office job isn’t for everyone. We’re not all suited to working the traditional nine-to-five day, and some people might feel shackled to their desk by this. Does that sound like you? If so, you need to reconsider your career options and try to find a job that will be a lot more physically active and won’t require you to sit at a desk every day of the week. Not sure what kind of jobs offer this kind of flexibility? Here are some great options.

5 Best Jobs That Are Not in An Office

Could you be a personal trainer?

One of the most obviously active jobs is working as a personal trainer. If you love keeping fit in your spare time, then this could be a fab choice for you. Once you become a personal trainer or fitness instructor, it will be your responsibility to motivate others to be their fittest and healthiest. This is an excellent job for those of you who want to be freelancer as it can be very easy to set yourself up with a niche company. However, there are also full-time jobs on offer at gyms as well, so you can find a secure job if you prefer.

Join the Boys in Blue

(Or girls, obviously), if you love helping out in your local community, then considering a career path into the police force could be something worthwhile considering. Where I live, the police force is actively trying to recruit people from different ethnic backgrounds (and other diverse groups) to improve the knowledge base on the force.

Once you pass your thorough training and become a police officer, it could be your duty to ensure the safety and security of people in your local area. There is a lot of on-the-job training that comes with this role, but you should also look into taking one of the online policing courses that are now available. This will give you a great depth of knowledge before your practical training begins. See what is available in your local area and start on the pathway to your dream career.

Explore opportunities in local health services

Because of our ageing population, jobs in healthcare are on the rise, and there is no stop to job growth potential. Once you start a career in healthcare, there might not be much chance to sit down at a desk – you will usually be constantly on your feet seeing to your clients and patients – and ensuring that they receive the best care that they can. Jobs in healthcare can be rewarding and fulfilling.

Do your career research and notice that there will be some paperwork (within a healthcare job) that might require you to spend time at a desk, but this will be negligible time compared to all the practical tasks you will need to carry out.

Take your hand to travel blogging

There has been a huge explosion in travel blogs over the last 5 years due to Snapchat and Instagram. Could you join their illustrious ranks?

If you love to travel, why not consider becoming a travel blogger? That way, you will get to travel all the time for work. You might like to base yourself in one city that you have some in-depth knowledge of, and might even consider offering bespoke services such as guided tours around its main sights and attractions. Alternatively, you might want to join a company that offers blog and PR representation. Aim to hone your professional image and finally escape your desk.

Pursue park ranging – if you dare!

If you love the great outdoors, you could also become a park ranger. It’s your job to tend to and maintain the park and all the flora and fauna that have made it their home. You’ll find ranger jobs available for small city parks as well as the larger national parks.

For example, in my local area (New South Wales, Australia) the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service employs approximately 2,800 people in this state alone – with other opportunities interstate. It’s a gig well worth considering.

See your future but it’s not in an office?

“We are seeing a preference to work remotely, or in the gig economy,” says Andrew Hanson, an analyst for Georgetown University. He mentions that this is especially true for the young, more “worldly” millennials you might find in big places such as cities, “…and that’s usually the first place we see the evolution of the economy,” Hanson says.

The best fields for those who don’t want to be tied to a desk are sometimes things you might not even have considered yet. Branch out and see what you can discover.

5 Best Jobs That Are Not in An Office
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5 Best Jobs That Are Not in An Office
Want to find an awesome job that is not in an office? You’re in luck. There are an increasing number of jobs you can do where you aren’t tied to a location.
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