Plant Your Own Garden To Decorate Your Soul

Plant your own garden to decorate your soul

Learning how to plant your own garden can be one of life’s most fulfilling adventures. Gardening is usually most satisfying when you get to see the healthy plants that your garden is producing, but it’s just so much more fun when you did the planting yourself, and can see the harvest of your efforts.

There is a reason why so many people want to own small gardens even when they have busy day jobs. Where I live, in Sydney, Australia, many people even have community gardens so they can benefit from gardening even if they have limited space.

There are immense benefits that are associated with getting your hands dirty in a cause that you believe in. There are a million reasons why planting your own garden is good for your soul – and here a few of them.

Plant Your Own Garden To Decorate Your Soul

A few reasons to plant your own garden

  • It engages all your senses. When in the garden, all your senses including smell, sight, and touch are fully engaged in the activities going down and this is quite rejuvenating to the soul.
  • Your head becomes clear. Most of the time when alone or seated in an office we’ll be in our heads for the better part of it. Gardening will get you out of your head and refocus that energy elsewhere.
  • Gardening sparks creativity. In the process of planting and weeding, your mind tends to think critically and uninterrupted and great ideas come out it. Most people actually do it as a form of meditation.
  • There is a sense of pride and satisfaction. This comes with seeing the work of your hands. After tending to a garden and making it look amazing, you’ll feel good about yourself which pretty amazing for your soul.
  • Body balance. Nature has a way of balancing out our bodies from the head to the soul to the body itself. When you spend some time in your day indulging in the greatness of nature you’re likely to be happier and healthier. Fresh air in the garden is therapeutic.
  • Removes clutter. The same way that clutter disorients the mind is the same way that a neglected garden will do. When you work in your garden and look at it later you’ll have a peaceful mind by just looking at that beauty. As you bask under the patio sun umbrella and watch your garden, you’ll be a happy soul.
  • Sharing the love. Once you harvest your produce you can share it with friends and family which is very satisfactory. I don’t think there is anything that feels better than giving. It always feels good when you do something good for someone else. They say sharing is caring.
  • Improved outlook. It awakens the caring nature in you and gives you a better outlook on life and the little things that make it worthwhile. Someone who takes care of a garden has a sense of responsibility in them and that makes them a better person.
  • Planting your own garden boosts your confidence. You could be having trouble doing anything successfully but when you plant a flower and actually see it blossom you tend to feel a sense of achievement that restores your confidence.
  • Laziness is a killer disease. It could kill even your soul. Gardening ensures that you do not stay idle and this boosts the energies in your brain making you productive and functional. Your soul needs this on a daily basis.
  • Food and nourishment. When you have a garden, you have access to better nutrition by default. You have the ability to plant nutritious food crops which will boost your health and in turn your soul.
  • Enjoy the rays. The sunshine and the fresh air works magic for the soul. After days of being locked up in a building, it would help to have a few minutes of sunshine and breaths of fresh air to your lungs.
  • Physical fitness is great for the soul. Getting out there and planting your garden will involve a lot of moving around, bending and lifting. All this is a form of exercise that will actually burn calories and leave you in better physical shape.

Does your soul need a little watering?

Even if you’re stuck at a desk for 8 hours or more, you can create a garden to go home to afterward, which will feed your soul. The moment you start planting your own garden will be a beginning of self-realisation and it will come loaded with benefits to your body and soul.

There could be other therapeutic things you can do apart from gardening but I can assure you that you’ll never go wrong with this one. Try it out and blame it on the fun when you actually get addicted. Remember when you take care of Mother Nature, it will reciprocate that, and nourish your soul.

Plant Your Own Garden To Decorate Your Soul
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Plant Your Own Garden To Decorate Your Soul
Could you nourish your soul when you plant your own garden? Even if you’re busy, planting your own garden can be a great way to unwind.
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