4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog

4 New ways to make money online while you blog

Many of us want to find ways to make money online while we run our blogs, because let’s face it – blogging as a career can be difficult. Blogging takes time and effort and so many people simply give up. Finding ways to make money online are far from impossible but building your brand to the point you are able to sell eBooks, or online talks, or get supported through platforms like Patreon – takes time.

Blogging and eBook writing take countless hours of producing content that hopefully has some value to your readership. So, how do you pay your bills and build your savings as you work on the blog? Here are a few ideas.

4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog

#1: Get advertising

Monetizing the blog is going to be one of the key aims of whoever wants to make blogging their business. Joining an affiliates program may be the eventual goal, but until then, you should also look at advertising. It has become something of a dirty word to some bloggers since ads can often cause interruption. But you can make use of contextual advertising, that ensures that all ads displayed on your site are only those most relevant to your readership. This makes them much less likely to scare readers off or annoy them.

#2: Make your money work for itself

If you’re starting to make any money, then you should set aside a portion of it to start building upon. Savings are a good way to secure them, but if you really want to grow them, you need to look at investing. Forex trading, stock market dividends, and CFDs can help you build a real income from trading. You don’t need a huge amount of money to get started, either. You just need to learn how the markets work and smart strategies to help you avoid risk as much as possible.

#3: Work your “typing magic”

If you’re aiming for a career as a blogger, then you must already be competent (or at least confident) in your writing. As far as freelancing jobs go, there is a huge market out there for writers. Content editors, social media gurus, copywriters, there are many different ways to make money using what you know best.

#4: Become a business owner’s best friend

It’s not unreasonable that some bloggers don’t want to spend all their time writing. You write enough for the blog, you might not want to do it on the side, instead. Becoming a virtual assistant is a reliable alternative. Many business owners are looking online to find those who can help them with all the administrative duties that come with the job. This could involve helping sort emails, putting together schedules, and answering phone calls.

Make money online by sharing the skills you have

If you have a skill, there’s someone who needs to make use of it. They are mostly full of short-term arrangements but sites like TaskRabbit allow you to quickly pair your skills with those who want to pay you for them. However, it’s recommended this isn’t your only strategy for making money, as often you can spend more time looking for the right work than actually making money.

You want to start monetizing the blog and make it self-sufficient as soon as possible. However, these 4 easy methods might be able to ensure you don’t simply give up – and you build a financial future until that’s a reality.

4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog
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4 New Ways to Make Money Online While You Blog
Here are 4 easy ways you can make money online while building your blog and readership base. They’re simple, and can be done from anywhere.
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Alyce Vayle | Content Strategist
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